It’s only right to go back…

img_20161012_173304 Crowned Heads Mason Dixon Project Northern Blend is the cigar that started me on the road to boutique cigars so it’s only right to go back and make this my first cigar review. A little history behind the cigar:

First released from Crowned Heads in 2014 by owner Jon Huber, the Crowned Heads “The Mason Dixon Project” is a once a year limited edition small batch line.

The cigar draws its name from a boundary created by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in 1767, known as the Mason Dixon line. This limited edition project is split between two separates blends, one for the Southern territories and one for the Northern territories.

The 2015 Mason Dixon Northern blend is comprised of a Ecuadorian Habano dark  wrapper and an all Nicaraguan binder & fillers. This is another annual Limited Edition release for Crowned Heads to be made at My Father Cigar Company. The Northern Blend is a Medium to Full bodied box -pressed cigar that are packed in boxes of 20 with 1,500 boxes produced.

It’s Southern counterpart uses a lighter Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that I have yet to try. Being from Louisiana and living in Pennsylvania now it is sort of a personal mission to determine which of these 2 is actually the best. As much as my southern state of mind tells me to have faith, this northern blend is going to be hard to beat.

So here we go: Crowned Heads Mason Dixon Northern Project 6 X 52 Toro

I already stated it was med – full and told you about the tobacco. The cigar has a deep brown wrapper with some nice oil sheen. It is well constructed and has a nice smell to it. Kind of earthy but very nice.

I used my Xikar cutter to kick things off. The cold draw offers some nice flavors and a little bit of resistance but still a nice, even draw. The cigar feels firm throughout and seems to be packed very nicely. Crowned Heads prides themselves on the construction of their cigars and knowing the brand well, everything I have ever tried from them has been outstanding.

Using my Xikar dual flame torch to toast the foot to a nice orange glow, the aroma fills the fall air and the first draw is complex and very tasty with some spice, but also offers hints that are creamy, toasty and nutty. There are a few distinct flavors that I experienced as I go through the first third but I am not sure exactly what they are. I do not have a experienced palate so don’t expect me to write reviews with things like, “hints of nutmeg resting on a marsh mellow cloud surrounded by raisins and dark, rich cocoa covered in butter”. I leave that s@!t to people that know a lot more than me and get paid for it. I’m a  guy with simple taste and I try to keep things easy. That description was pretty damn good though and sounds like something I want to try. Moving on.

The second third starts out with the spice taking a backseat to the creamy nuttiness but still lingers in the background enough that you know its there. It is a bit earthy but the blend mixes into a distinct flavor that is just flat out good. The burn line is tight and even. The ash is holding tight at about 2 inches with a nice light grey ash producing a nice amount of smoke. The draw is still slightly resistant but allows the right amount of flow through the stick. Still very complex and keeps things interesting.

As I move into the last third the cigar really mellows but in a good way. The creamy, nutty, toasty notes return and continues to the very end. This cigar stays complex enough to keep it exciting and interesting all the way through. I enjoyed it for the first time almost a year ago and having one tonight it was like I had never smoked it before. I remembered it being a great stick but after trying so many new sticks, its like coming back and finding it again for the first time. This is a “must smoke” in my book and I recommend this cigar to anyone that wants to try something from Crowned Heads.

I have been and continue to be impressed with everything Crowned Heads puts out. They seem to get better as they go and they are a staple in my humidor. I found out this past week that they released an exclusive for Famous Smoke Shop (which I love) that is the Four Kicks (which I love) in a maduro (which I love) called the Black Belt Buckle, so I had to take a drive over before a night out with the wife and grab a box which are proudly on display next to the humidor. I am not trying them for awhile but I will certainly review it when I do. DO NOT ORDER them from Famous. They only made 1000 boxes and I am sure I will need more so back off.

One last thing as I plan to put a feature piece together on Crowned Heads soon. For those of you that may not know, Jon is a huge hat guy. They have some awesome headwear available on their website. See pic below of 3 Jon sent me recently. One of the nicest, most generous guys in the game.

So there it is. My first review with some added info about the company. Feel review to comment, criticize, critique, share, whatever you like. I encourage you to send me your pics and your own reviews and thoughts on the CH. Hope you enjoyed it. I am heading out for an extended weekend with the wife for the next few days so I won’t be posting anything. Heading to NH and Maine to do some whale watching and other cool nature stuff. Probably going to burn some leaves while enjoying the fall colors. Hope you all have a great weekend and as always, Burn em if you got em. Long ashes. Peace.


Crowned Heads gift from Jon


4 thoughts on “It’s only right to go back…

  1. had them last time I checked. They have a great selection on crowded heads and free two day shipping on all orders!


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