Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Part 1: McFarlane 5 x 50 Perfecto

It’s been awhile since I reviewed anything. Life has been very busy and although I have enjoyed many great cigars as of late, reviewing them has taken a back seat.

I read about these cigars awhile back and had them on the radar but just never pulled the trigger on them. Luckily I have a wife that monitors what I like online and she took notice of these and bought me a 5 pack sampler.


20170228_184012-011Paying homage to the Whiskey Rebellion that started way back in 1791 when the first tax on any product was imposed by the United States federal government on  whiskey. The farmers of Pennsylvania took notice and protested which led to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. Oh how things have changed. Now we just accept whatever the government wants to impose and we sit idle. Our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves right about now, given the current state of events and the FDA ruling on cigars. Moving on. These cigars are available in 5 different sizes and each one is named after one of the Patriots that fought this tax. Hamilton (4 x 46) Jefferson (4 1/2 x 52) McFarlane (5 x 50 Perfecto which I am reviewing here) Bradford (5 x 56) and Washington 51/2 x 54).
20170228_184029-01[1].jpg  In a press release announcing the WR-1794 line, RoMa Craft Tobac Owner Skip Martin said, “Our forefathers believed the Whiskey Tax to be illegal, under the idea that there was no local representation,” said Martin, “and they stood their ground. What this cigar represents to me, then, is that when faced with tyrannous taxes and regulations — we must resist.” It’s his nod to how Hamilton’s tax resulted in conflict between citizens and law enforcement, when 500 armed men in Western Pennsylvania rose up in dissent; Washington called militias from the surrounding States to quell the rebellion, though no violence erupted.” (Credit Cigar-coop website)

Looking at these cigars, each of the sizes offer the same color, same great construction and same double black and white bands. RoMa Craft and Cigar Dojo partnered to create this great cigar with exclusive distribution through Famous Smoke Shop.


Each offer the same blend profile as well:

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Ligero

Binder: Indonesian Besuki

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan

Country of Orgin: Nicaragua (Nica Sueno)

Apperance: A rich dark brown that offers a nice contrast to the black and white bands.

Pre-light: I pick up hay, wood, natural tobacco and slight manure.

Cold draw: Great, open draw with notes of pepper, leather and earth.

As I started this cigar, straight guillotine cut, matches to kick things off, I am hit with a nice dose of pepper and cedar. A few puffs into it and I noticed more of a coffee, nutty, woodsy profile that really calmed down from the initial pepper. Draw was great and the burn was a little off but it is windy out.

Working my way through this cigar, things changed in terms of which flavor profile was most prominent but overall pretty consistent. At times the cedar and pepper were in the forefront while the other flavors (coffee, chocolate, earth and leather) took a backseat…and then it changed. From time to time the wood flavor really took over and it was a nice blend of hickory and cedar.


The construction of this cigar was great. No issues at all with anything. No soft spots, no touch ups needed, the bands removed very easily, and the draw stayed perfect throughout.

After 1 hour I started to wrap things up and I was disappointed that I didn’t have another third to go. This was a really solid smoke with a medium to full body and a full flavor profile.


I really enjoyed this cigar and I look forward to trying the other sizes for sure. I am curious to see how they compare. I was warned not to smoke these too fast because they can pack a punch. I didn’t experience that with the McFarlane. I would certainly recommend this one to an avid cigar smoker, but I think this size would work out well for a beginner to try as well.

RoMa Craft did a great job with this cigar. I am very happy to live so close to Famous Smoke Shop and have the opportunity to try so many great sticks. They are some of the nicest people in the business and they take great care of their customers. If you are a Distinguished Ruffian member, they offer great discounts for us as well.





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