Flor Del Valle …Warped

Created in the renowned Casa Fernandez factory, Flor Del Valle is a revived old Cuban brand produced with 100% Aganorsa tobacco, a rare and extremely rich Cuban seed strain grown in Estelí, Nicaragua. Covering this exquisite filler leaf is an aged Jalapa Valley grown Corojo 99′ wrapper. Utilizing true Cuban production techniques such as entubado bunching for a smooth draw and slow even burn, and the classic Cuban triple cap you are in for an amazingly robust and flavorful smoking experience. (Credit JR Cigar website)

I decided to give this one a try based on recent Warped cigars I have tried. La Hacienda really stood out to me as a great stick so I picked up a couple of these.

Blend Profile: 

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 Aganorsa (Jalepa)

Binder: Nicaraguan Aganorsa

Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 and Corojo ’98 Aganorsa

Size: 5 1/2 x 50 Robusto Gran Valle


Appearance: Medium, leathery, oily brown that is bumpy, a little rough with small veins and a tight seam. The wrapper is cracked a bit due to me dropping it. It had no effect on the performance. It feels firm with no real soft spots. The band is very ornate with gold and light blue. The combination makes it fairly hard to read.









Pre-Light: I pick up notes of leather, pepper, barnyard hay, and some cedar notes. Draw is nice and open and I get some herbal notes, hay and some faint wood notes after opening the cap with a V-cutter.

20170428_111119-01[1] 20170428_111126-01[1]

First Third: After toasting the foot I get notes of wood, subtle sweetness of dried fruit, and then a big burst of pepper. I wasn’t expecting that. It is a good amount of pepper but I am good with that. A little more in and the pepper really fades and I pick up more cedar, oak, and a little bit of the lingering spice. The draw is nice and open, the burn is good, ash is holding tight. Not much changes the remainder of the first third.



Second Third: As I transition into the half way point I am getting notes of grass, somewhat floral notes that mix in with the cedar. The pepper has all but disappeared. The strength is a solid medium. The flavor profile is certainly different. A bit of cocoa, toasted nuts and a touch of sweetness appears. This blend continues to surprise me. New flavors appear in the blend and then disappear. There are notes of citrus that appear and then fade. It certainly makes it intriguing.

Final Third: Moving into the final stretch everything sort of comes full circle. A bit of all the flavors come and go in a nice mix and a smooth, medium strength blend. No real flavor overpowers or stands out. It’s a nice combination of flavors on the palate. It can be a bit floral or grassy at times, then a little sweet, then smokey and woodsy at others. The draw and burn were perfectly fine throughout the hour and 35 minutes.


Final Thoughts: This was a different cigar for sure. Lots of complex flavors that made for an interesting smoke. I did enjoy it a lot and I would smoke it again. Of the recent Warped cigars I have tried, La Hacienda is my personal favorite so far. This one is unique enough to bring me back to it but I am not sure it would be a go to for me. If the pepper had stuck around for longer, maybe. It became a bit grassy and floral at times but overall it was a very enjoyable cigar to try. Strength is a steady medium. Very flavorful and smooth. The performance was solid with no issues at all. I would recommend this cigar for anyone.

Thanks for checking out the review. Hope that you enjoyed in. Long ashes and full glasses friends. New things coming soon. Take care everyone.



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