Probable Cause Lancero

Cubariqueno Cigar Company recently held a soft release of the newly added Themis, and the Probable Cause Lancero in May. Unfortunately I was out of town and could not attend the event but I was able to meet up with Juan Cancel and discuss the new releases. He was nice enough to allow me to try them before their official IPCPR release.

If you aren’t familiar with Cubariqueno Cigars, Juan Cancel or Bill Ives,you owe it to yourself to check them out. They released the Protocol, followed by the Probable Cause and now the Themis joins the ranks. The Protocol was released in a lancero version and it was Cigar Federations Cigar of the Year, and for good reason. With the success of that cigar, it only made sense to follow it up with a lancero version of the Probable Cause.

Cubariqueno is making a big name for themselves in a relatively short amount of time. Making their debut at IPCPR 2015 in New Orleans and working with Erik Espinosa and the La Zona Factory, they have come out swinging and it looks like they have no intention of slowing down.

I reviewed the Themis yesterday and I looked forward to the Probable Cause all night. It is a beautiful, warm, sunny day here in NE Pa and a perfect day to get outside and review a cigar. So let’s jump in here and see what we got.

Probable Cause Lancero

Blend Profile:

Wrapper: San Andreas Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Factory: La Zona Esteli, Nicaragua

Size: 7 1/2 x 38 Box Pressed (Also available in 5 x 52 Robusto and 6 1/2 x 48 Churchill Box Pressed)



Right away the Red, Silver and Black logo and dual bands catch your eye and really work with the rustic look of the cigar. A nice medium brown maduro wrapper contrasts nicely with the artwork of the bands. There are some small veins, and tight seams throughout. You notice the box press on the slender, long body. This is a 38 ring gauge which is not often seen in a lancero. Most of the lanceros I have are a 40 ring gauge so this is a bit different. Overall, I really like the look of this stick. It has an open foot and a rounded cap.

20170611_104204-01[1] 20170611_104213-01[1]


The cigar is firm with no soft spots. I pick up notes of barnyard, dry hay, earth, light notes of chocolate and black pepper from the barrel and foot. I used a straight cut to open things up. The draw is nice with a slight resistance. I pick up earth, hay, and cedar from the cold draw.


1st Third: Once I get the foot nice and toasted, the initial draw reveals sweet cedar wood, some grassy notes, black pepper and chocolate notes. The first 1/4 inch is all about trying to process the many complex flavors I am picking up. It is a combo of sweet cedar wood, spice and sweetness. It is much like the larger sizes but dare I say…even better? The draw is open with the right amount of resistance, the burn is even, and the ash is holding on nicely. I am getting a nice amount of smoke from this cigar. I pick up notes of dried fruit about mid-way through the first third. There is a nice amount of pepper on the retro-hale. I am really enjoying this smoke so far.


2nd Third: As I move into the halfway mark, the pepper tones down but still lingers in the retro-hale. I pick up more of earthy notes mixed with a nice charred wood and that subtle sweetness that hangs around. This is a complex blend that really shines in this vitola. The blend stays consistent with the first third but a few notes change place from time to time coming to the forefront and then falling back. It makes it tough to put this cigar down because it is really good.


Last Third: More of the same notes make their way into the final third of this cigar. It is still mostly cedar wood, earth, some spice and dried fruit. I pick up a hint of chocolate from time to time along with some grassy notes. As I come to the end of this cigar, I am really enjoying it as much as when I first lit it. I nub this one after 1 hour 45 minutes.


Final Thoughts: I have been a fan of the Probable Cause since it was released and I have smoked both the Churchill and Robusto sizes a few times. This lancero edges them out for me because it really showcases the flavors of this blend and it works very well in this vitola. I was curious about the smaller ring gauge (38) and the cigars performance but that was a non-factor. This cigar was on cruise control with no touch ups, a nice open draw, and even burn lines. This cigar is complex, consistent, and delicious. It ended as a more medium-full strength, full bodied cigar. Tons of flavors that remained throughout the entire cigar but enough changes that keep you coming back to it. I would recommend this for anyone that wants to move into a more med/full experience but I think even the most experienced smoker would find this cigar highly enjoyable. Juan told me this was his new favorite cigar and I can see why. Sorry Juan but I am afraid a lot of people are going to buy this in bunches so you can’t keep them all for yourself.



**Note** I did not originally rate this cigar at the time of this review. I started the rating process later in the week and thought it was only right to come back and rate this since it is a 2017 release and I want to score it. 6/18/2017


Appearance / Construction: A really rustic, good looking lancero. The bands and artwork work very well against the wrapper and the construction was solid. I score this almost perfect at 19/20.

Performance: From start to finish this cigar was on cruise control. No issues at all with the draw or burn. No touch-ups were needed and the smaller ring gauge was a non issue. You can see by the pics that the burn got slightly wavy but not really enough to matter. I score this a 24/25.

Flavor: This is where the lancero version of this cigar really stands out for me. The flavors are just bursting as you move through this stick. Complex, rich and smooth. I don’t see how this cigar gets better. Perfect score of 25/25.

Overall Experience: I enjoyed this cigar as much or more than the original Protocol lancero and I wondered if I would. This cigar really stands out from the rest, for me anyway. Not to take anything away from the others because they are great. La Zona is doing some amazing things. I really enjoyed my time with this stick. I score this 29/30.

Final Rating: 97

100 – 97: A class of it’s own. Top of the summit.

I hope that you enjoyed this review. Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, reviews, etc here. I want to thank Juan Cancel for allowing me the opportunity to check out this great cigar before the official release. All I can say is, when these are available to you, Grab ‘Em by the P! These guys are making some amazing cigars!

Until next time friends, long ashes and full glasses! Peace.



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