New place, new challenges

So almost a month ago I moved from one of the absolute best regions of the country for cigars and moved to a place where it is much different. I was a bit surprised when I got to North Carolina to find just how different it really is. Since 1663 tobacco has been a part of the industry here and I am surprised to see how few cigar places exist here. You have to search high and low for decent shops or travel a good way to get to them. With the size of the cities around me and the areas I travel for work I would expect to see more shops and lounges around. Disappointing for sure. I am fortunate enough to be about 35 minutes from Havana Phil’s and about 50 minutes from JR Cigar. Both have nice lounges and a good selection except for boutique brands which sucks for me. There are a few but mostly big brands. Also the cigar tax takes some getting use to. Pa is very fortunate in that regards. Looks like some online ordering will be priority to keep up with what I like.

I am going to try to get back into doing reviews soon but unfortunately the apartment complex I am at currently does not offer me many options for spots to get this done. That on top of a very heavy travel schedule for work is making even smoking a cigar tough, much less doing a review. Of course the timing of this could not be worse with the launch of the new site and now no new cigar reviews to go with it. Until I get things sorted and they slow down a bit I will try to get some valuable content out

If there are topics you would like me to touch on, questions you have, interviews you would like to see, etc. Please reach out and let me know. I will do what I can. Until then, stay tuned. I will try to update from time to time. Thanks for the support. Long ashes and full glasses friends. Peace.