Mbombay Cigar Company

I have seen Mbombay cigars featured on social media sites and across the web but I never had the opportunity to experience them until recently. I did some research and found that the company was started by a former IT professional (Mel Shah) turned cigar store owner turned cigar maker. I read some reviews of the cigars online and it seemed as if people really like the cigars being produced. I stumbled upon them at JR Cigars here in North Carolina and decided to grab a couple. I am really glad that I did. Beautiful band artwork, nice construction and appearance, perfect draw, lots of complex flavors and near perfect burn and performance.

I enjoyed my first one while I was at JR’s and decided to pick up some more. I shared one with a local shop owner in my area and he was so impressed with it that he wants to start carrying them in his shop. Much to my good fortune, I was back at JR’s a week or so later and managed to score the others that I had not tried yet and the last one of the original cigars I had tried. My intent is to review each of them at some point very soon and see how they do. In the meantime, feel free to check them out for yourself. You can visit their website (click the link below) and find a retailer near you. Below is a little bit about the company taken from their website.

“Cigars, for us, are a way of life. The philosophy is simple – use the best tobaccos to make cigars of the highest quality.

Our cigars aim to emulate the fabled cigar culture of Cuba. From selecting prime tobaccos to controlling the intimate details of the aging process, we take multiple factors into consideration to help produce a truly unique smoking experience. Our cigars are hand-rolled in Costa Rica by some of the most experienced hands in the industry and feature intricate bands representative of the artistic nature of our craft.

MBombay was born at the hands of a former IT professional turned cigar store owner with a passion for tobacco. We apply that same attention to detail to each and every cigar, and have spent countless hours working to procure the finest tobaccos and produce a unique line of high-quality products.

If asked why we began this journey, simply put – we felt something was missing. At Bombay Tobak, we concentrate on aging, proper fermentation, and the importance of patience. Using prime tobaccos and a process of experimentation, we’ve discovered creative processes to produce impeccable cigars at a reasonable price point. In a world of online discounts and freebie offers, we decided to walk a different path.”Source: http://www.bombaytobak.com/

Once you have one of these cigars, I think you will find the above statements to be very truthful. These really are impeccable cigars for the price point.

One of the great things about their website is the description of each cigar and blend. I am sure everyone can find something they will enjoy from Mbombay. I have had them with coffee in the am and it is a perfect pairing. I have also had them with wine and bourbon and both were equally stellar. I can easily see these as a regular rotation cigar in my humidor.

Their impressive lineup includes:

Mbombay Classic: Churchill, Robusto, Corona, Belicoso

Gaaja: Robusto, Torpedo, Toro, Toro Maduro, Torpedo Maduro

Mbombay Habano: Churchill, Robusto, Corona, Belicoso, Gordo

Mbombay Corojo Oscuro: Double Corona, Gordo, Perfecto, Robusto, Belicoso

Mbombay Kesara: Pyramid, A, No. 2, No. 4, Robusto Larga, Saloman, Toro

Mbombay Mora: Lancero, Toro, A, 585

Be sure to check back soon as I start to work my way through this impressive line up and review these beauties. Until next time…long ashes and full glasses friends.