Reserve Cigar Company – Torpedo

If you follow my blog page, you have seen my new company spotlight piece on Reserve Cigar Company and my interview with owner Alexis Webber. Now it’s time for me to see what the cigars are all about. Alexis told us the story behind how the blending process went and I have been very curious to try these. Let’s dig in and see what we get.

Wrapper: Undisclosed (Sun Grown)

Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Undisclosed (Dominican)

Torpedo 6.5 x 54

Appearance: This torpedo is wrapped in a dark brown coffee bean colored wrapper with medium veins and tight seams. The band is very simple and elegant with a deep blue band with white lettering and a gold R. It really works well against the wrapper. Clean and elegant.

Pre-light: The cigar feels light in the hand but well packed. It feels firm with no soft spots. The barrel provides notes of earth, hay, pepper and light wood notes. The foot gives more of the same with hints of barnyard. I use a Xikar straight cutter and the cold draw reveals a nice open draw with a slight resistance. I pick up notes of earth, hay and light cedar. I am not sure what to expect from this cigar but I am ready to get this going. Let’s try it shall we?

1st Third: Once I get the foot nice and toasted, the first draw really catches me by surprise. A big blast of sweet cedar, grassy notes, hints of pepper and spice. I get some earthy notes and a sweet mocha work into the mix. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this is really a unique blend of flavors. The draw is nice, the burn is slightly wavy and the ash is holding nice with some flakes. The grassy/floral notes in this cigar are reminiscent of Jamastran tobacco I have had in a different brand. I am intrigued as I make my way through the first third of this cigar. Strength is a nice medium and this is a very smooth smoke.

2nd Third: Making the transition I pick up a bit more pepper, earth, cedar mix well with the grassy notes. I pick up a touch of coffee bean bitterness that ever so slightly works into the blend. The draw is still nice, the burn is a bit off. (I think I should have given it a bit more time in my humidor after a cold trip and stay in front of my door in freezing cold temps. This could have contributed to the burn issues I am seeing.) I will say that this blend is very well done and brings a lot of complexity and flavors to the table. As I get past the halfway mark, other than an uneven burn, I am really enjoying this smoke. Strength is still medium and smooth.

Final Third: Moving into the final stretch I am getting more earthy notes complimented with the familiar grassy notes, sweet cedar, leather and coffee bean mentioned. There weren’t any major changes in the transition. For a cigar that I knew very little about, this one has kept it interesting throughout. The burn issue has straightened out to a much better burn with a little wave. I did have one minor touch-up between the 2nd and final third. Nothing serious and it was mostly for appearance (and probably a touch of OCD on my part, don’t act like I am the only one.) I burn this one down to less than a half inch with no bitterness and no real heat issues.

Final thoughts: The Reserve Especial Torpedo really took me by surprise. Not knowing much about the blend I wasn’t sure what to expect. Alexis and team put together a very enjoyable cigar. This is a elegant looking stick with great branding, nice presentation and unique blend. This was an enjoyable smoke from start to finish. This is a medium strength cigar that is complex enough to make it worth trying for experienced smokers to enjoy and mild enough for novice smokers to try. The price point makes this a very nice choice in any situation. For a brand new cigar company, I was very impressed with the complexity of the blend and the overall experience from this stick. I am very interested in trying the rest of the sampler.

I recommend picking up the sample pack and one nice thing Reserve offers is the his/her combo for couples that enjoy cigars. I received very good feedback on the Mova from a friend I let review it. For a $12 price point for the 2, this would be a nice Valentine’s gift guys. Now 33% off

So there you have it. My first look at the Reserve Cigar Company Especial Torpedo. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, long ashes and full glasses friends. Leave your questions, thoughts and comments here. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and share these reviews. Thanks for the support!