Beginners Bourbon Series…Larceny

It’s Whiskey Wednesday my fellow hawks!

So my plan is to do a review every Wednesday (since I’m probably enjoying a drink myself).

I’m going to start with five of what I consider to be beginner bourbons. The ones you let your friends try when you’re trying to bring them to the dark side!

Remember hawks, enjoying bourbon is no different than enjoying cigars, it’s completely subjective. So what I smell or taste, may not be what you smell or taste.

Hopefully everyone enjoys the reviews

Larceny Bourbon review

Larceny is a 6-12 year, no age statement bourbon from Heaven Hill Distillery.

The mashbill- 68% corn, 20% wheat, and 12% malted barley

Price- 19-30 dollars, but I paid 24 in NC on sale (29 regular price)

Color- Honey/Light Carmel

Nosing- At first the nose on this heavy corn bourbon was nothing but alcohol. I have experienced this with other bourbons before, so I let this one set for about a minute. After letting it sit, I picked up all the typical bourbon smells of vanilla, caramel, and oak, but was able to pick up honey, cherries, and dried fruit.

Tasting- I really pick up the honey, corn, and sweet notes. It almost taste creamy, as the vanilla and caramel hits your tongue. The bourbon has very little spice and isn’t very complex. Very little heat or burn for a 92 proof whiskey.

Finish- creamy, sweet, almost a orange flavor, but doesn’t last very long.

Conclusion- This is by far my favorite bourbon to send new whiskey drinkers to. It’s soft, subtle, and won’t kill your tongue. It has tons of sweetness bc of the high corn and wheat content, which makes it a smooth drinker, at a great price point. Because it is not overly complex, beginners won’t have a hard time picking up the main flavors.

I didn’t see the need to try this one with a drop or two of water, or ice. It was smooth from start to finish without any assistance.

I did this review over two days. One without a cigar, and then today with a Foundry Time Flies. They paired nicely together, however the cigar did seem to over power the bourbon just a little.

** I want to thank my buddy Gonzo for doing this review. I look forward to more reviews as we expand on the content featured here. Please feel free to leave comments, questions and suggestions. Until next time…Long ashes and full glasses.