Beginner Bourbon Series Part 2…Buffalo Trace

Special thanks to my buddy Gonzo for another great contribution. I am a day late getting this posted. My fault. Adulting tends to get in the way sometimes. As we continue our Beginner Bourbon Series, we take a look at one of my personal favorites as well, Buffalo Trace. Hope you enjoy. I am hoping to start doing a pairing series with Gonzo this summer so stay tuned for that. Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, suggestions and even request here. Full glasses friends, Cheers!

Happy Whiskey Wednesday Cigar and Whiskey Hawks!

In part two of our beginner bourbon series, I will be reviewing one of my all time favorite daily drinkers. Buffalo Trace!

Buffalo Trace is the one of many amazing bourbons from the Buffalo Trace distillery. With bourbons such as Pappy Van Winkle, Weller’s, Blanton’s, and many more being distilled there, it’s no wonder how they are one of the best at what they do. Making great bourbons!

Buffalo Trace is a no age statement bourbon, that is rumored to be aged 7-9 years.

Mash bill- I wasn’t able to find the exact numbers for Buffalo Trace, but we do know it is the distillery’s mash bill #1, which is a low rye, high corn profile.

Price- Prices range anywhere between 17-45 dollars for this bourbon. Here in NC, it’s 29.99. However, I have seen it on cruise ships in 1 L bottles, for 2 for 22 USD (I bought a lot😀).

Color- Using my snazzy Whiskey journey I got off eBay, I was able to determine that the color of Buffalo Trace is close to Tawny Orange (fancy right?).

Nose- I’m using my new Glencairn glass, and wow it really brings out a incredible nose on this whiskey. Same typical bourbon notes of vanilla, caramel, honey, and even cinnamon, but I also get hints of raisins and dried fruit.

Tasting- Wow! I still love this bourbon after all these years. It’s simple, yet slightly peaks into the complex flavors. You immediately get charred oak, caramel, and a unbelievably sweetness (no doubt from the high corn content), but I also get brown sugar, cherries, and toffee.

Finish- Buffalo Trace has a medium finish that last a decent amount of time. It starts with the oak and caramel, and ends with a vanilla fruity taste. At 90 proof (45%ABV), it very little burn and is incredibly smooth on the tongue.

Final thoughts- There is a reason Buffalo Trace has been around as long as it has been. It’s good! It’s an enjoyable bourbon that is easy on the wallet, but maybe a little harder to find in certain areas. Here in NC, our stores get allotted only a few cases a year. I find this to be an excellent beginner bourbon, and even enjoyable for the more well defined bourbon drinker.

As with Larceny, I didn’t see a need to drop water in it, or add ice. It was quite tame and had a nice well rounded taste without any assistance.

I must say, my wife took some amazing photos for me!