Beginner Bourbon Series Part 3…Eagle Rare

Happy Whiskey Wednesday my smokey brothers and sisters of the leaf! As I post this I am getting ready to board a plane to Europe for mine and the wife’s belated honeymoon.

So in part 4 of our beginner’s bourbon series, we take a look at another one of my all time favorites. Eagle Rare!

Another masterpiece from the Buffalo Trace distillery, Eagle Rare not only offers an amazing tasting juice, but a pretty cool wine style bottle to go along with it.

Eagle Rare is a 10 year aged bourbon, that up until a few years ago was branded as a single barrel. However, with the increasing demand in good bourbon, Buffalo Trace was forced to go from hand bottling Eagle Rare to using a bottling system. Buffalo Trace had announced dropping the single barrel listing from the label due to the possibility that a bottle could technically get a drop or two from a different barrel.

Mash bill- 75% Corn, 10% Rye, 15% Malted Barley. It uses Buffalo Trace’s mash bill # 1, the same as Buffalo Trace bourbon.

ABV- 90 proof

Price- 28-36 dollars. 34.99 here in NC, but you can find the half gallon bottles for 60 and save a few bucks.

You just have to figure out where to store that beast.

Color- A honey amber color that looks as perfect as a color can get.

Nosing- I instantly pick up charred oak and citrus. As though someone was squeezing fresh tangerines right on the fire while the barrels were toasted. Upon my second nosing, I get hints of vanilla, and dark chocolate.

Taste- oaky, sweet, and very little spice. I tasted dried fruit and raisins. It’s not super complex and none of the flavors really “pop” out. Hints of caramel and marshmallow can also be detected.

Finish- I find the finish on Eagle Rare to be medium, even though most would say it’s short. Toasted toffee and cream come to mine while swirling this around on the tongue. For a 90 proof bourbon, there is very little burn or alcohol aftertaste.

Final Thoughts- I mean what can I say, I love the stuff. It’s one of my go to daily drinks. It won’t break the bank, and it’s easy on the palate. This was another one of the juices that got me to fall in love with bourbon. I never have less than three bottles of this in my home bar at any given time. This is also one I would highly recommend as a dessert bourbon.

Even though I used my Norlan to do the nosing and tasting, I took the pictures in my new rocks glasses that I had my family crest engraved on.

I didn’t add any water or ice to this bourbon, because it was already incredibly smooth and easy to drink.