Beginner Bourbon Series Part 4…Elijah Craig

Happy Whiskey Wednesday Hawks!!!!!

I was absent last week for our weekly whiskey review due to having a great time with the wife on our anniversary trip, but now I’m back and ready to keep on drinking in order to give you ladies and gents the reviews you want!

This week I’m finishing the five beginner bourbons. This one has been a staple of my personal bar. It’s the first bourbon on this list with a little higher alcohol content and a little more complex flavor profile.

I’m of course talking about Heaven Hill’s Elijah Craig Small Batch. EC (Elijah Craig), used to sport a 12 year age statement, but with the bourbon boom of the last few years, the brand has abandoned the statement. It’s rumored to still be a 8-12 year aged bourbon.

Mash bill- 75% Corn, 12% Rye, and 13% Barley. I can’t vouch for these, as this was all I was able to find through a secondary bourbon website.

ABV- 94 proof

Price- 24-29.99. I picked this bottle up from the NC ABC on sale for 25.99.

Nose- Super sweet smelling. Vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, and brown sugar. I pick up subtle hints of berries, and possibly plum. Adding ice to it just adds a little citrus to the nose.

Color- Mid-brown almost a chestnut color.

Taste- Sweet, oaky, caramel hits the tongue first. It does have a little spice, but nothing too bad. Very little burn. Adding ice just kind of waters it down for me. Didn’t really bring out any new flavors.

Finish- A medium finish with lots of oak and caramel. Hints of berries and brown sugar come out.

Final thoughts- EC is an amazing bourbon for under 30 bucks. It is great neat, on the rocks, or even as a mixer. The extra barley in this bourbon gives it a unique taste that is great in the price range.

I don’t personally think ice or water is needed, but since it does have a slightly higher proof, you folks can.