Wild Turkey Longbranch

It’s bourbon time alright, alright, alright (in my best Matthew McConaughey voice). Turkey Tuesday is here and it’s time to take a look at Wild Turkey Longbranch. This is a bourbon that I was really excited about when I heard rumors of it being released. I was even more excited to actually see it in a NC ABC store. I love most Wild Turkey releases. Most have nice spicy finish, that make perfect winter pours, and make a great Old Fashioned.

A little background on this new Wild Turkey product should bring everyone up to speed. Unknown to me until I heard of Longbranch, but Matthey McConaughey has been the Creative Director for Wild Turkey for over two years! I had of course seen the commercials where, Matthew is sitting on the beach or just hanging out drinking Wild Turkey products, but I had no clue he was involved with the business.

So Eddie and Jimmy Russell, the master distillers at Wild Turkey came together with Matthew to create a new, creatively different bourbon. Inspired by his Kentucky and Texas roots, Wild Turkey Longbranch features a bourbon that has been filtered through Texas mesquite.

The mash bill on this bourbon features 75% Corn, 13% Rye, and 12% Barley. This follows the standard mash bill Wild Turkey uses for all their bourbons.

ABV on Longbranch sits right at 86 proof. Not too high, but still a little higher than your standard 80 proof bourbons.

The color sits somewhere between a light honey and golden color.

At 39.99 in NC for this bourbon, it’s not cheap, but it won’t break the bank either. I’m a firm believer that you have to try bourbons at a little higher price point to really taste some great juice.

The nose on Longbranch is sweet. Not the typical spicy that I seem to get from all the other Wild Turkey offerings. It smells smooth, like you could definitely sit on the beach and sip this on warm summer evenings. Caramel, toasted marshmallow, and oak hit the nose on the first smell. Upon the second nose, I get a lot of vanilla, and a smell I don’t recognize. Maybe from the mesquite.

The taste of this bourbon is just as smooth as I mentioned before. It’s nice and sweet, with honey and vanilla. It has a nice creamy, mouth coating feel. Not a lot of alcohol burn or spice. I pick up citrus and oak upon my second and third sips.

The Wild Turkey spice finally shows itself on the finish. Not a long finish, but not a short one either. You do get a little alcohol taste on the exhale, but nothing that would kill your tongue or warm you up too bad. On the second and third sips, I can still taste the sweet caramel and oak, even on the back end.

My final thoughts on this bourbon are that it’s good. Not great by any means, but it makes a nice evening pour. I was hoping to really taste the mesquite, but I just didn’t taste it.

I think 39.99 is a little overpriced for this bourbon. At just 23.99, you can get Wild Turkey 101, which in my humble opinion is a better all around pour. Longbranch is definitely one to try and add to your personal collection, but probably not one I’d buy again. Also, on another note, even though the bottle is really nice and looks amazing, the way it pours is horrible. I have dribbled some each time I have poured from the bottle. Maybe they will figure this out and fix the design flaw, or maybe I just suck at pouring.

I didn’t add water or Ice to this bourbon, as it was such an easy straight pour.