Blanton’s single barrel

It’s thirsty Thursday and it’s about time! This actually started as Whiskey Wednesday, but I tasted too much last night. I’ve been absent the last couple of weeks due to taking a break and trying to find even more new whiskeys to try. The bourbon on the line up for the week is Blanton’s single barrel. I would love to say that Blanton’s is an easy bourbon to find, but here in the great ABC ran state of NC, it is not.

Blanton’s comes from the Buffalo Trace Distillery and they produce several different variations. Some of these variations can only been found overseas in the European and Japanese market. Blanton’s is a non age statement bourbon, but it is rumored to be aged 6-8 years.

The mash bill on this bourbon is Buffalo Trace’s higher rye mash bill #2. Even though Buffalo Trace doesn’t give out specific mash bill information, it is believed that the rye content is about 15%.

ABV on Blanton’s sits right at 93 proof. Not too high, but still a little higher than your standard 80 proof bourbons.

The color sits at a light brown, almost walnut. Beautiful in every way!

At 59.99 in NC for this bourbon. Definitely not cheap, but not the worst either.

The nose on this bourbon is full of clove, allspice, caramel, and nutmeg. On the backend there is a sweet citrus hint. It definitely smells like one of the better bourbons I’ve had.

The taste is super smooth. Very little burn for a 93 proof bourbon. I pick up just about every flavor that I was able to nose, but I also pick up oak and even more sweetness.

The finish on Blanton’s comes in at a medium to long. On exhale I get a toasted nut taste and a slight bit of alcohol.

My final thoughts on this bourbon are that it’s pretty good. It’s nothing to write home about, but it’s delicious and smooth. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that can find it for fewer than 65 dollars. Even if you decide you don’t like it, the bottle makes a cool conversation piece with its bronzed horse top and odd shaped bottle. Blanton’s is a single barrel bourbon, so each batch may change slightly. I personally believe that Blanton’s should be a staple of any person’s home bar or collection.

I didn’t add water or Ice to this bourbon, as it was such an easy straight pour.

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