Kolumbus K-Negro

I found out about Kolumbus cigars through my friend Garrett Johnson over at www.smoothdrawcigars.com. If you aren’t familiar with them, head over and check them out. They specialize in ultra rare boutique brands. They are also one of the only places you can find this Kolumbus cigar. Tell them you read about it here.

You can also visit http://kolumbuscigars.com/welcome/ to find out more about them. They have a really nice website with a ton of great info and educational articles on their blog.

Kolumbus Cigars are each unique and exclusive premium cigars completely handmade in La Palma, Spain. Each cigar is made of carefully selected leaves, long filler of 100% natural palmero tobacco, aged in Spanish cedar cellars and wrapped with the utmost care. You can find out more about palmero tobacco by visiting http://kolumbuscigars.com/the-cigar-from-la-palma/.

I reviewed my first Kolumbus cigar back in 2017 and the Connecticut made my Top 5 Connecticut’s for the year. While I rarely smoke Connecticut’s, this was certainly one that got my attention. Since I am more of a maduro smoker, I was really intrigued to see what this one brings. So let’s jump into it and see what we get.


Piramide 6.5 x 52

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Oscuro

Filler: Breña long filler of 100% natural tobacco, aged in Spanish cedar cellars

(info from http://www.smoothdrawcigars.com)

Appearance: This cigar features a medium/dark brown wrapper with small/medium veins throughout.The band is black and gold with the name displayed on the front. Simple yet elegant design. The cigar has a nice oily sheen on it and has a few small bumps throughout.

Pre-Light: The cigar is constructed well with tight seams and a firm feel with no soft spots. I pick up notes of barnyard hay, slight pepper, cedar, and cocoa from the barrel and more of the same from the foot. I use a straight cut on the pointed cap and decide to cut a little further down to open it up just a bit more. From the cold draw I get notes of hay, tobacco, cocoa and earth. The draw is open with a slight resistance.

1st Third: As I get the foot toasted and take my first draw I get notes of sweet cedar wood, cocoa, maybe a hint of coffee and a nice sweetness. There is a earthy, grassy profile that is subtle but definitely noticeable in the background. The sweetness is between a dried fruit and honey. As I move further into it, the strength is medium, the draw is good, and the burn is even. A very nice, easy, enjoyable cigar so far.

2nd Third: As I move into the halfway mark, I am getting notes of dark chocolate, some wood notes, and hints of coffee beans. While the blend changes a bit, the flavor from the first third still make an appearance throughout. A little further in and the blend changes into a more woodsy, earthy profile. Performance remains the same. No changes with the burn or draw. Still medium (to me) in strength.

Last Third: As I move into the final third, I pick up that honey sweetness and a hint of nutmeg possibly. The cedar and cocoa return also. The profile is woodsy, yet sweet with a touch of dark chocolate and coffee bean. I have really enjoyed this blend as the various profile changes throughout. The strength is medium to medium plus, the burn is slightly wavy and the draw is still good with a slight resistance.

Final thoughts: For me, this is another winner from Kolumbus Cigars. This was a very nice blend with a number of profile changes and complex flavors. This was medium strength moving into a medium plus towards the end. This is a good cigar for anyone from beginners to seasoned cigar smokers. I feel this has enough of complexity to satisfy both. If you are interested in trying these, you can find them here. https://smoothdrawcigars.com/product-category/exclusive/

I am definitely a believer in this brand. If you are looking for something different, rare and good, look no further. I don’t think you will be disappointed by these.

So there you have it. My thoughts on the Kolumbus K-Negro. Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments or questions here. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and join the CigarHawk Group on Facebook.

Until next time, #longashesfullglasses.