Om Mani Gold Label Maduro

Today we take a look at another first for me. Om Mani Gold Label Maduro is one that I have not had before. My buddy Garrett Johnson introduced me to them about 8 or 9 months ago. Yes I know, I am WAYYYY behind on getting reviews done.

“OM MANI is a cigar and lifestyle brand aimed at helping to motivate, inspire and help people be more conscious in the moment enjoying life -especially when smoking our cigars- but also life in general.The purpose of our cigars is to remind you that the moment is now for you to enjoy, be inspired, be motivated and to be awakened. We are helping people to be in the moment creating lasting memories and not get caught up in the stresses of the world while smoking our cigars. However our life quotes can be used to help in ones day to day living.” – Pete III, Om Mani Cigars Owner (Credit website)

I am not familiar with this brand and this is the very first one I have tried so I am not sure what to expect from them. You can find out more about them and their cigars by clicking here

Let’s get this one started and see what we get.

Blend Profile:

• Origin – Honduras
• Wrapper – Connecticut Broadleaf (Brazilian Midnight)

• Binder: Sumatra
• Filler – Nicaraguan


This cigar features a dark brown broadleaf wrapper with a lot of small to medium veins. It is a toothy wrapper with tight seams and 2 black bands. I do not know enough about Buddhism to even take a guess at the face of the artwork on the band. The dual bands make for an intriguing design but very well on this cigar.

Pre-Light: The cigar looks and feels well constructed, firm but not hard with no soft spots. From the barrel I pick up notes of sweet cocoa and wood, as I move further towards the top I get more barnyard and fermentation. The foot gives me a milk chocolate sweetness, cedar and hay. Using a V-cut, the cold draw has some resistance to it. I get notes of hay, cedar and that familiar maduro sweetness.

1st Third:

As I get the foot toasted I notice I am not getting much smoke through the cigar, first draw really does not offer much smoke. I finally get to use my PerfecDraw tool. A quick run of the tool through the cigar, a simple few twist, pull it out and like magic, the plug is gone and we can get down to business. This tool is a must have! I am sold on it.

Now that I have some flow, I pick up a heavy maduro sweetness, strong cedar, light cocoa, and some dried fruit. The draw is working out fine, burn is slightly wavy (I attempted to set up a photo and broke the ash off before I could get it) ash was holding about 1/2 inch. A little bit further into the 1st third and I get some hints of pepper on the finish with a little earthy profile.

2nd third: As we make our way to the halfway point, no major changes in the profile. Very consistent blend. The flavor profile is mainly that maduro sweetness, cedar, cocoa with a hint of roasted nuts added in. I normally do not pair anything while I am doing a review but since this one has remained so consistent, I decided to venture out a bit. I decided to try a dark red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) to see if things changed up a bit. Mission accomplished. The wine alone is very fruity with a dark cherries profile, the cigar added a nice smoky flavor to it and opened it up nicely. The wine added a nice charred oak, very woodsy profile. A touch of black pepper remains on the finish. The draw is still doing well, burn slightly wavy. Strength is medium to me.

Last Third: Moving into the last third, no real changes at all. Everything remains on par for the remainder of my time with this cigar. Performance was the same as well.

Removing the band of this cigar, as with all Om Mani cigars, reveals an inspirational message. Here was mine.

Final thoughts: The Om Mani Maduro was a very consistent smoke from start to finish. Almost to a fault. While I enjoyed the flavor profile a lot, I hoped at some point it would offer something different here and there. That’s a personal opinion and does not reflect negatively on the cigar itself. If you like consistency, you will really like this cigar. The maduro sweetness and heavy cedar really stay at the forefront of this cigar and remain throughout the smoke. There are a few subtle changes here and there but at the heart of the blend are those 2 major flavors. I think this would pair nicely with coffee in the morning, or, as I did, with a glass of red wine.

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