New Addition to the site. Wine reviews

When you think cigars and pairings, if you are like me, your initial thought is cigars and spirits. Typically scotch, whiskey, bourbon, brandy, etc. What I am finding more and more is that the pairing game is really changing. Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular in the world of cigar pairings and so too, is wine.

I got into wines a few years ago and at first I just couldn’t understand it. It was horrible to me. After trying different blends and attending a tasting (which I highly recommend) I was able to narrow down a few things and found that I am by far, a dark red wine drinker. White wine is not for me, at all. My palette is all about heavy, dark, bold flavors and from that point on, drinking wine was much more enjoyable.

Even though I enjoy a nice glass of wine, I am not knowledgeable about it at all. Wine is a whole different world and if you start to venture into it, it can be very overwhelming. I was approached by a member of the Cigar Hawk Group about doing some wine reviews and I thought “Sure, why not?” I sure as hell couldn’t do it, but I am certainly open to reading about it and learning more along the way. So here we are.

Jeff Quinn has offered to try his hand at some reviews for us and I welcome him in and thank him for helping me bring more content to the Cigar Hawk page as we continue to try to grow and expand our reach and vision to become a go to media source for the cigar lifestyle and beyond.

I am open to suggestions and ideas for anyone that wants to contribute to the blog as well. Pipe smokers, craft beer folks, etc.

Look for reviews from Jeff soon and welcome him to the family. Until next time #longashesfullglasses