Blanton’s Red (Japan)

Good afternoon Hawks!!!!!

Sorry for the delay on the next installment of the Blanton’s series. It seems like that of late, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and open my old, slow laptop. My wife and I are in the process of building our forever home and we’ve been quite busy with life in general. Enough about me and my life…… I know you guys and gals don’t come here for my nonsense, y’all come here for the reviews.

In the next installment we take a look at the last Blanton’s that is offered exclusively to the Japanese market. Blanton’s Red or Red Edition.

Blanton’s Red is just like Black in the sense that it’s aged a minimum of eight years. Once again, you won’t find an age statement on any bottle of Blanton’s, but it is known that the Red and Black editions get a minimum of eight years. Master distiller for Buffalo Trace Harlen Wheatley has been quoted as saying “We don’t pick by the age, we pick by the taste”. So even though it may be a minimum of eight years, you may be getting bourbon that is nine, ten, or more years old.

The mash bill on this bourbon is Buffalo Trace’s mash bill #2, which has the higher rye content. However, BT doesn’t disclose the exact mash bill. This is the same with all of the Blanton’s editions.

ABV on this variation of Blanton’s is 93 proof. This is slightly higher than the 80 proof that the Black edition is.

The color of this fine juice is a honey brown. Almost lighter than the Black edition. I would have expected this pour to have been darker than its watered down brother.

This bourbon sits at about 80 dollars USD. However, it can only be found in Japan and on the secondary market. Prices on the secondary market are high. I’ve personally seen these range from 200-350 USD.

The nose on this bourbon is just as nice as the Black. Very sweet smell of cherries, caramel, vanilla, and citrus. Not as much of an oak smell with this one. On the back end notes of plum shine through.

The taste is spicy. Not hot like the burn you get from a high proof bourbon, but nice and warming. Vanilla, oak, and citrus on the front of the tongue, with a cherry leather taste on the back end.

The finish on this bottle was medium at best the same as the Black. It doesn’t linger on the tongue at all. It still makes a great pour, but won’t challenge your tongue with any complexities.

My final thoughts on this bourbon are that it’s better than the Black just because of the higher proof. If you find yourself in Japan and find a bottle for under a hundred bucks, I definitely suggest picking one up. However, if you’re forced to go the secondary route, then I would pass. It’s just not worth the extra cash.

An interesting side note- Blanton’s in the US and Japan comes in the standard 750ml bottles. Blanton’s released to European market only come in 700ml bottles.

I didn’t require ice or water with this bourbon and tasted it using my Glencarin glass.

I paired this dram with a Espinosa Wasabi cigar. These two paired nicely together and neither one overpowered the other.

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