2017 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon

I decided to review a 2017 Robert Mondavi private selection Cabernet Sauvignon that’s aged in bourbon barrels, as it seems to be popular among members in the CigarHawk Facebook group. This cab is from Southern Monterey County which is known for its Cabernets, Merlots, and Zinfandels. The climate in the county helps produce numerous quality wines.

After letting the wine breathe for close to a hour, the nose presented notes of fruit, acid, and a pleasant aroma of charred oak. The first few sips had hints of oak, pronounced black cherry, and the tannins were mild.

The longer the wine was left to open, the tannins become very well balanced and almost velvety, while the acid tamed and the fruit forwardness lessened. Hints of vanilla and blackberry lingered after sips.

For a 2017, the wine is still young, and could easily age for another 5 or more years. For a cab under $20, I feel this one is pretty hard to beat. It would pair well with rack of lamb, pork, makes a great pan sauce Bordelaise, and I would pair it with a cigar that’s more floral to help bring out the fruit notes in this wine.

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