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What does it take to make a great, premium cigar? How about a one of a kind, handcrafted pipe? This blog is dedicated to the passion, hard work, talent, and craftsmanship of those that have dedicated their lives to creating things that we love. While we love premium cigars, our true passion and focus here is to showcase the smaller boutique brands and give them some much deserved credit in an industry that is full of major brands that rule the market. So many great cigars go unnoticed because they simply aren’t recognized by the masses and don’t get featured in major publications or websites. My goal is to bring great companies to the forefront, showcase them, their products, and offer people the chance to write reviews and ask questions to the brand reps and eventually owners as we grow. The goal is to be a reputable source for all things boutique.

As I am venturing into pipes as well, I would like to feature a section for pipe lovers to be able to come and be a part of the blog. I am looking for experienced pipe smokers to help with this and add some articles and info. If interested, please contact me.