Oveja Negra Brands Announced

  • If you have followed me over the last few years you know that I am a HUGE fan of this factory, the people behind it and the cigars coming out of the factory. I found them in 2015 and to see the continued rise and success has been amazing and no surprise at all. I am very happy to share the following information and if you don’t know about them, we can point you to some great shop that carry them and offer discounts. Congratulations to James, Angela, Stephanie and the rest of the Oveja Negra team.
  • June 24, 2019 —Oveja Negra Brands announces its arrival to the premium cigar industry.  Consisting of Black Label Trading Company, Black Works Studio, Emilio Cigars, and Dissident, each brand maintains its own unique identity while combining talents and resources to bring a formidable representation and marketing strategy to the cigar world.
  • Oveja Negra Brands produce cigars for the next generation.  Each brand shares a passion and dedication to providing innovative, cutting edge cigars that are unsurpassed in quality.  Each line is hand-made by Fabrica Oveja Negra in Esteli and is represented by a team of sales reps across the states. Oveja Negra Brands utilizes a central distribution warehouse with high-tech facilities for streamlined shipping and convenience for its retailers.  Distribution is handled by L.J.Zucca, tobacco distributors since 1947.  
  • The brands formerly represented by Boutiques Unified have transitioned to Oveja Negra Brands to better communicate their focused vision and provide better service to retail partners.
  • A new website has launched to give consumers and retailers a base for exploring Oveja Negra Brands cigars, retail merchandise and an interactive retailer map.   Please visit www.OvejaNegraCigars.com.

Local Company Spotlight. BroadBranch Distillery

So a few months ago while my wife and I were out exploring our new city we cam across this distillery downtown. We went in and Don gave us a lesson on their spirits and a round of samples to try. At first I was a bit skeptical about it. Blueberry infused whiskey? First thought was Bird Dog sweetness and “not really my thing”. And then I tried it. Certainly unique and very good. Then I switched over to some of the others and each time it got better and better.

Fast forward a few months and a few back and forth emails and my buddy Gonzo and I took a tour last week and learned more about the company, the spirits and the people behind it all.

Broad Branch: Our story

“The relentless, uncompromising pursuit of high-quality whiskeys & spirits will always reign supreme.

Broad Branch is rooted in Old World craft heritage and traditional Blue Ridge Mountain distilling methods. From mash to barrel to bottle, our focus remains absolute- meticulously crafted, superlative spirits worthy of your time, attention, and taste.

At the core of our process and everything we make are exceptional ingredients. We work with top quality neighboring grain farmers, an accomplished local malter, and a handful of specialist growers who share our commitment to responsibly craftd and produced goods. We do all of this and more from an old tobacco warehouse on historic Trade Street in Winston Salem, NC. Every day is an adventure.”

I do not want to spend a lot of time recreating the wheel and taking tons of info from their website and sharing it here so I will direct you to their website. http://www.broadbranchdistillery.com/

You can find everything you need to know about them along with some great drink cocktail recipes. I will, however tell you about our time there.

We were greeted by our host for the day, sat down and went straight to samples. These guys don’t mess around and neither do their products!

The Smashing Violet (award winning) again was great as a stand alone but mix in some of the Sunshine Energy drink (next door to the distillery) and now you have a terrific summer drink. I plan to do these when we move into the house for sure. Add some mint and a touch of lime over ice and that is danger all dressed up.

We moved on to the Nightlab 1.0 and while I am no huge fan of clear/white liquor, this one has a very unique flavor. Floral and citrus which I did not expect. (I did not get a photo of this one, my apologies)

Now the fun part (for me anyway). First up, the Nobilium 2 year aged in European Oak barrels and non-chill filtered, this small batch offers hints of maple, dried apples and vanilla.

Finally, the newest release of the group, the Supercollider. Single Barrel, Premium Cut, Non-Chill Filtered. “A handcrafted collision between 100% WA State Rye Whiskey and HoneyCrisp and Fuji apples, mashed and fermented together, then distilled. Rested in new oak and finished in brandy barrels, the result is delicious, refined spirit with gentle flavors of cooked fruit, maple and spice”. As someone that does not drink a lot of Rye, mostly because I haven’t found many I enjoy, this one impressed me.

Once we finished tasting and discussing these great spirits, we took a tour of the distillery. I encourage you to do the same when you visit Winston Salem. It may be small but there is a ton of information given out about the product and the process. I never fully understood just how much goes into making each bottle just right. Very impressive process.

A beautiful sight of sleeping beauties.

You dont get any better than straight from the barrel!

Look at that golden goodness!

Oh yeah!

We ended our tour with a new appreciation for what goes into making all of these great products. The folks at Broad Branch really do a great job of taking the time to explain the process to you. You can certainly tell that they enjoy what they do and it comes through in their products.

They are located at 756 Trade Street Winston Salem North Carolina. (336) 602 – 2824

Follow them on Social media.

I would like to take a second to say “Thank You” to everyone at Broad Branch Distillery for having us and allowing us to spend some time with them. Please visit their website (above) and if your local ABC store does not carry them, make sure to ask for them. I am sure we will be reviewing these throughout the summer. Be sure to check back often for updates.

Almost time to get back into cigar reviews and look for new cigar and spirit pairings coming soon!

Until next time, Long Ashes and Full Glasses friends.