New Company Spotlight…Bearded Assassin

Bearded Assassins

I found Bearded Assassins on social media awhile back and started communicating with owner Josh Bennett. I placed an order for some products when I started growing out my beard. I went with the KBAR scented oil, balm and wash and I have been very happy with the products. I encourage you to learn more about the brand and the awesome people behind the scenes making it happen. This is a great veteran owned, small business run by Josh and his wife Ariel. Check out the interview and be sure to follow them on social media. Feel free to place an order from the website

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Tell us about your brand/company.

Bearded Assassins is our company in which we make hand crafted beard products that are high quality for anyone everyone to enjoy on their beard journey.

We started this company due to issues with a big named company that I won’t name. But basically it took them 4 weeks to send products and respond to my email which I had sent a few times. Within the 4 weeks I decided to do a lot of research searching out for the best products to use for my own personal use. After a couple friends trying it out and making sure it was all safe I said, “I should start a beard oil company on Etsy for a hobby”. Me and my wonderful wife came up with all kinds of crazy names but Bearded Assassins sounded the best. Thus, we started our small business.

We never thought we would go anywhere but after a little over a year and a lot of time we now are gaining momentum. We started the summer of 2016 and still growing. We hand make everything with our own recipes by hand every time someone orders and we are now doing small batches so we can be ready to ship faster. Our goal is to provide the best beard products we can make without it costing the customer’s too much money. We make our products for the everyday working man and the guys that beard all year long. We offer anything from beard oil to beard balm and beard wash. We have a couple different shirts, hoodies, stickers, kits and soon koozies and patches. We may end up turning it into a worldwide beard club in the future.

What made you decide to start your business?

Not only for the simple reason that we had a bad experience from a well-known company and horrible customer service, but because we wanted to help people with needs for bearding and show the world you can always make something great with an idea and hard work.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in TX, moved to Las Vegas, NV early in life and grew up here. I ended up joining the ARMY in 2005 and was honorably discharged in 2011. I have two awesome kids that live with their mom in OH. I am married to my soul mate and loving life. We both work full time jobs and do the business as well, so we stay really busy. The goal is to one day only have the business to run.

You have an impressive beard. How long have you been growing it?

Thank you so much. I have been growing my beard for right under two years. I have had it trimmed a few times but now I will be letting it grow as much as it will grow.

What are tips for guys starting out (like me) and get to that frustrating stage where everything just wants to go everywhere! What’s the best way to control and maintain it?

I get asked a lot about this. So the best way to maintain your beard depends on length and products you are using. Guy’s with shorter beards say less than 3” use beard oil & Beard butter or just one of these products daily and wash it just a couple times a week. When guy’s get into the awkward stage 3”-6” the beard will have a mind of its own some days. You can use Beard Balm to try and help shape it or you can use a blow dryer on low heat with a brush to straighten it. Once the beard reaches a certain length it kinda gets easier to maintain. The weight of the beard will help a lot to fall down easier. One thing that has helped me a lot is when I wake up I rinse my beard really well with just water, then apply beard oil or beard butter and comb it out and that helps with bed beard as well.

What goes into making these products? Did you have a background in this or did you work with a team to develop the products?

So after researching which carrier oils were best for I wanted, then researched essential oils and fragrance oils, me and the wife started experimenting with different blends of each scent in small portions. We experimented will different levels of each different carrier oil and had friends test them and I tested them as well. After weeks of this we then chose our best four scents and blend of carrier oils to use. We did this same thing with fragrance oils for the scent to stay all day which people love. This same exact process went into making our beard wash, beard butter and beard balm. Lots of work but definitely worth every moment.

I did go to school for design so I am the one that has designed everything even down to the labels themselves. We design everything in house then have companies do our prints for us. But I did not have a background in making any type of products.

I am a fan of the Kbar products I currently have. I am going to place an order for the Hitman series next. What inspires the scents you have and the names?

In the beard world there are certain scents that guys like to wear every day. So the inspiration comes from the simple scents and then we put a little extra so its different from other companies and what they do to make their scents. We also have come up with signature scents like 50 Cal for the tobacco and cologne lover’s out there and then we have Kbar which is a softer everyday scent that women love to smell on men.

The names for the scents come from the different types of assassins and the weapons they use and also military weapons I have used myself that sound cool and fun.

You have a very cool logo and merchandise line to go along with the products. How has that been received? Do you get any grief about the name from people?

The first thing we get compliments on is the logo and how it is simple but yet cool. We have not gotten any grief from anyone yet but we will see when we grow and people are rocking more gear. The logo and name draws people in and then they use the products and they love them which is perfect for us. In the future we may add a different emblem or something like but for now we will continue to make fun gear for people and enjoy this ride.

So I see you smoking pipes on Instagram. Let’s talk a bit about that. When did you get into pipes?

I used to be a big Cigarette smoker for a long time. When I met Ariel, My wife she did not like it but we never thought we would get serious. When we got serious, she has sent some cool vaping video’s to me and I wanted to quit smoking. I got into vaping 3+ years ago and quit smoking. Summer of 2016 I wanted that burn and taste of tobacco but not cigarettes. I looked up pipe smoking and saw The Smoking Dagners on YouTube and they taught people to smoke a pipe through their channel. I picked up a corn cob pipe and got some cheap tobacco locally. Had a horrible experience because I could not pack a pipe right. So they encouraged people to be patient and learn how to pack your pipe and smoke slow. Then, my journey began with pipe smoking and collecting pipes and tobacco. Since I have gotten into cigars and the wife loves the smell of the cigars, so it works out.

What’s some of your favorite tobacco?

I love all kinds of different tobacco’s. Here are a few favorites of mine:

English – Plum Pudding by Seattle Pipe Club

  • Frog Morton By McClelland

  • North Woods by Boswell’s

VaPr – Elizabeathen Mixture by Dunhill

-Orlik Golden Slices by Orlik

-Pebblecut by McClelland

Aromatics- Royal and Black by Captain Black

-Vanilla Cream by Mac Baren

-Scotty’s Trout Stream by Pipes and Cigars

Cross over-Black Magic Woman by Just for Him

-Frog Morton Cellar By McClelland

What advice can you give someone like me that tried to get into but got extremely impatient with having to constantly relight over and over?

So for everyone new to pipe smoking and I still am as well. But make sure the pipe tobacco is dried out enough so it’s not too wet and you get bad tongue bite and wet pipe. Grab a corn cob pipe and learn how to pack the pipe good to keep it lit and tamp but not too heavy just enough to get the embers down to the new tobacco to burn. Remember to take your time and enjoy the tobacco and really taste the tobacco. Relax and just enjoy that moment. Never smoke a pipe when you are in a hurry or you do not have the time to truly sit, relax and enjoy the pipe. Remember as well that you need different pipes for different types of tobacco like one for aromatics, one for English and one for VaPers. Rotate your pipes so you don’t burn them out.

We should do a pipe session on the website at some point. If you know of any guys or gals that would be interested in doing a Pipe 101 session on the website that would be really cool. As a cigar guy, I have no knowledge of pipes but I would love to add a section for pipe enthusiast. Your thoughts?

Oh yes brother I think a smoke session would be an awesome idea indeed. It’s always more fun to smoke with someone rather than alone. I can talk pipes all day. Learning a good bit about cigars now. Maybe one day it would be nice to have a tobacco shop of my own.

Where can people find you on social media and the web?

We respond on FB and IG the most. But we also have a YouTube as well. Here are the ways to our Social Media:

IG: Beardedassassins

FB: Beardedassassinsco

YT: Beardedassassins

What’s next for you?

We will see what this next year brings but we will be offering more stuff such as patches, Koozies, Bumper Stickers, more shirts and Snap Back Hats.

Anything else you want to discuss?

I think that about sums up everything brother. I want take this time to really thank you for having us interview with you and maybe one day share a pipe together or a great stick. We wish you the very best for this coming New Year!

Check out some of the great scents available:

.50 Cal – A great blend of Tobacco with spiced Mahogany and a touch of bay leaf. This scent will make you feel like a pirate.. Arg Matey!

KBAR – A blend of Sandalwood and Warm Vanilla. Ladies, you’ll love this one it’s a pantie dropper!

Colt 45 – Bay Rum with Arabian Spices and hints of the woods. It’ll remind you of the wonderful smell of the holidays all year long!

Red Dot – Warm & spicy aftershave with hints of rain. It’ll remind you of those days at the barbershop.

Grenade – Fresh brewed Espresso! This will help you wake up and of course make you want a fresh cup of coffee!

Flash Bang – Fresh brewed espresso with some chocolate and mint added for those that want a little more in their brew!

Cherry Bomb – Cherry tobacco grandpa use to smoke in his pipe is nostalgic and will bring back those great memories.

Nude – Hunters and men that do not want any scent but still great product, look no further!

So there you have it folks. If you want a healthier, nice smelling beard, be sure to check them out and support a great company. Until next time, long ashes, full glasses.