BNB Cigars Announces Flor de Cesar

Courtesy of BNB Cigars

April 19, 2018 — BNB Cigars is pleased to announce the return of Flor de Cesar. The 2018 vintage is hand crafted in Esteli, Nicaragua at Fabrica Oveja Negra.

“ One of the toughest decisions when deciding to release the latest edition of Flor de Cesar was finding a boutique factory with the passion to consistently create high quality, complex cigars. We asked ourselves “ What factory has created the most unique cigars on a regular basis?” The answer was clear, James Brown and Oveja Negra. Throughout the entire process he was extremely helpful and guided us in the right direction. From the beautiful Mata Fina wrapper to the outstanding construction, when you light up a Flor de Cesar, you’ll know why we fell in love with this blend “ said Vince Hillanbrand of BNB Cigars.

” BNB is a great supporter of Black Label Trading Co., Black Works Studio and Oveja Negra. I was honored they chose Oveja Negra to do the 2018 vintage of Flor de Cesar. It was a fun project and it’s an incredible cigar!” said James Brown Owner/ Operator of Oveja Negra.

Flor de Cesar will be available in very limited quantities at BNB Cigars.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Brazil

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican, Brazil

  • Toro Largo – 6.5 x 50 (20 count) MSRP $11.00

  • Robusto – 5 x 48 (20 count) MSRP $10.00

Pre Sale starts Friday April 20, 2018 at 12:00PM at

James Brown


Black Label Trading Company

Ezra Zion Announces Oak & Eden Whiskey


Ezra Zion is pleased to announce it’s latest company venture: a partnership with Oak & Eden Inspired Whiskey.

Ezra Zion rounds out the ownership team which includes brothers Joe and Jamie Giildenzopf; who serve as CEO and Master Distiller, respectively.

“We’re elated to bring innovative, small-batch, ‘boutique’ whiskeys to our friends in the cigar community.” stated Kyle Hoover, Ezra Zion co-owner. “Everyone knows there’s nothing better than having a great cigar and whiskey. It’s absolute heaven.”

Oak & Eden will be distributed by Republic National Distributing Company, one of the nation’s largest spirit distributors and will soon be available in most liquor stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Texas.

The official product launch will be in April across the State of Texas, and will expand to the rest of country over the course of 2018. Initial launch will be two products: Oak & Eden Bourbon and Oak & Eden Rye.

“We’re excited to introduce Joe to the cigar community. He’s a total genius. Having him at the helm of Oak & Eden is epic. The level of palate sophistication and blending aptitude on this team is legendary!” added Chris Kelly, Ezra Zion co-owner.

Oak & Eden whiskeys are unique. Each is “in-bottle finished” with a patented spire technology allowing for a variety of diverse finishes and revolutionary new small-batch whiskeys.

“We say that the spire is ‘Better than a barrel’ because the surface area ratio of oak wood to liquor is higher with our spire than a barrel. It makes a superior whiskey. It’s an evolution in whiskey making that we’ve perfected and patented.” added Joe Giildenzopf.

Ezra Zion will introduce a line of Oak & Eden whiskey inspired cigars. Each project will be blended as the optimum cigar pairing for each whiskey release.

“No doubt we’re going to be flooded with emails about this. We’d ask each of you to follow @OakAndEden on Instagram and like Oak & Eden on Facebook. We’ll be posting regularly to keep you up to date on everything Oak & Eden.” added Hoover.

(Courtesy of Cigar Federation Press Release)

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United Cigars adds Jose Dominguez Signature Series

—– FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—– UNITED CIGARS ADDS JOSE DOMINGUEZ SIGNATURE SERIES TO PORTFOLIO ~ LIVE UNITED, BUY UNITED, SMOKE UNITED ~ Nashua, NH, (Friday, FEBRUARY 23, 2018) – United Cigars is excited to announce the addition of the Jose Dominguez Signature Series Cigars to their portfolio beginning immediately. Manufactured at Magia Cubana factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic. “Jose Dominguez he has been blending and producing nationally recognized brands for other people for over two decades and has crafted a cigar under his name for the U.S. market,” said Oliver Nivaud, Director of Sales at United Cigars. “We are blessed to represent the cigar bearing his name.” Crafted by Jose Dominguez the Signature Series offers a complex layer of rich caramel and coffee notes on the Natural blend and warm, sweet wood notes on the Maduro. The Signature Series is a marriage of Dominican tobaccos and Pennsylvanian Broadleaf bound by a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper on the Natural. The Maduro uses a Mexican, San Andres wrapper blended with Nicaraguan and Dominican leaves. Available in 5 vitolas, the Signature Series is sold in a beautiful lacquered wood, 20 count box. JOSE DOMINGUEZ SIGNATURE NATURAL Grande 50×7½ E. CONNECTICUT 20 BOX Gordito 50×5 E. CONNECTICUT 20 BOX Gigante 60×6 E. CONNECTICUT 20 BOX Fino 44×6 E. CONNECTICUT 20 BOX Belicoso 52×6½ E. CONNECTICUT 20 BOX JOSE DOMINGUEZ SIGNATURE MADURO Grande 50×7½ MADURO 20 BOX Gordito 50×5 MADURO 20 BOX Gigante 60×6 MADURO 20 BOX Fino 44×6 MADURO 20 BOX Belicoso 52×6½ MADURO 20 BOX SRP: $5.89-$6.99 (Single cigar) | $117.99-$139.99 (20 count box) United Cigars, building brands to unite every cigar lover. Our lines represent consistency and quality while not only offering cigars that “Flat Out Taste Better” but protect our loyal Brick & Mortar. Live United, Buy United, Smoke United. If you would like more information about United Cigar Group, please contact Oliver Nivaud, Director of Sales Contact Oliver Nivaud Telephone 603-404-0016 Email Website

Ciudad de Musica…Crowned Heads

Altadis U.S.A. recently added another great company to their collaboration list and this time it was Jon Huber and the folks over at Crowned Heads. The Montecristo Ciudad de Musica, Spanish for City of Music, makes perfect sense for the Nashville based company. This cigar is being produced by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr at the Tabacalera La Alianza S.A, which is one of the factories that already produces Crowned Heads cigars regularly.

“The challenge for us was in taking such an iconic brand as Montecristo and putting our fingerprints on it all the while respecting the tradition and legacy that’s existed in the Montecristo brand since 1935,” said Jon Huber, in a press release.

Available in 4 sizes:

Corona Gorda (5 5/8 x 46)

Robusto (5 x 50)

Sublime (6 x 54)

Piramide (6 1/8 x 52)

The Piramide size will be exclusive to Casa de Montecristo lounges. Prices are $11.95 – $16 per cigar.

When I first heard about this project, I was anxious to give them a try. Fortunately for me, I have a Casa de Montecristo about an hour away from me and I was able to pick up the Piramide size. Without further ado, let’s fire this one up and see what we get shall we?

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Appearance: The wrapper has a medium brown color with medium veins and very tight seams. The wrapper has an almost reddish copper tint in the sunlight. The large black and copper band contains 3 logos. The Montecristo Fleur de Lis, the Crowned Heads “CH” logo, and the Ciudad de Musica logo all encased in circles. The cigar has a really nice oily sheen and the band really gives it an elegant vibe.

Pre-light: I pick up notes of hay, earth, barnyard, and cedar from the barrel. The foot offers more of the same with notes of cedar wood, earth, hay, and slight pepper. The cigar feels light in the hand but no soft spots anywhere. The piramide shape has been one of my favorite sizes for a long time. I used a straight cutter to open things up and the cold draw presents an open draw with slight resistance. I pick up notes of straw, cedar and earth. I get the foot good and toasted and away we go.

1st Third: I pick up spice and a very woodsy profile right from the jump. I get some pepper on the retrohale. I start to get notes of sweet cedar and pepper in the background. About 1/4 inch in I get a touch of mocha/espresso notes. This is a very complex blend and I start to pick up notes of roasted coffee beans. This is a really unique blend with a lot of subtle flavors going on. The draw is open, I am getting tons of smoke, the burn is slightly wavy, the strength is medium. This blend really works well together to form a nice flavor profile that is smooth and complex.

2nd Third: The transition brings some earth, mocha, nuttiness, sweet cedar and spice. About the halfway mark a sweet, subtle caramel note makes an appearance and adds to the complexity. The performance is the same. Good draw, wavy burn line, lots of smoke and medium strength. Not a ton of changes in flavors just a good, complex blend that is creamy and easy to smoke.

Final Third: As I move into the final third, the blend changes slightly and I pick up notes of earth, sweet cedar, wood, leather, and a slight grassy note. I still get faint notes of mocha and espresso. Everything else remains the same. I smoke this one down to about a half inch without it burning hot or being bitter. Total smoke time was around 1 hour 45 minutes.

Final Thoughts: The Ciudad de Musica was an enjoyable symphony of flavors that blend together like music from your favorite band. The blend really comes together nicely and provides a nice, smooth, medium strength, complex smoke that is enjoyable from start to finish. I really enjoyed the piramide size and I would like to try it in another size to compare. I think this cigar would appeal to seasoned cigar smokers more than newcomers. The complexity of the blend, in my opinion, would be best appreciated by an advanced palate. I am also curious to see what happens to this cigar as it ages a bit more. There were a couple of cigars I tried last year that just got better and better each time I smoked them. I can see this being one of those. The first cigar I ever tried was the Montecristo White Label. I really had no idea of what I was tasting at the time. Having revisited it after I had been smoking for awhile, I learned to appreciate what I enjoyed about my first Montecristo. Being a fan of Crowned Heads and hearing about this project I knew it would be interesting, and I was not disappointed. This is a great collaboration and overall a very good cigar. If you get the opportunity to try this one, pick it up and let me know what you think about it.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Please feel free to leave comments, thoughts, or questions here. Don’t forget to follow me on social media and join the CigarHawk Face Book group.

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Reserve Cigar Company – Torpedo

If you follow my blog page, you have seen my new company spotlight piece on Reserve Cigar Company and my interview with owner Alexis Webber. Now it’s time for me to see what the cigars are all about. Alexis told us the story behind how the blending process went and I have been very curious to try these. Let’s dig in and see what we get.

Wrapper: Undisclosed (Sun Grown)

Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Undisclosed (Dominican)

Torpedo 6.5 x 54

Appearance: This torpedo is wrapped in a dark brown coffee bean colored wrapper with medium veins and tight seams. The band is very simple and elegant with a deep blue band with white lettering and a gold R. It really works well against the wrapper. Clean and elegant.

Pre-light: The cigar feels light in the hand but well packed. It feels firm with no soft spots. The barrel provides notes of earth, hay, pepper and light wood notes. The foot gives more of the same with hints of barnyard. I use a Xikar straight cutter and the cold draw reveals a nice open draw with a slight resistance. I pick up notes of earth, hay and light cedar. I am not sure what to expect from this cigar but I am ready to get this going. Let’s try it shall we?

1st Third: Once I get the foot nice and toasted, the first draw really catches me by surprise. A big blast of sweet cedar, grassy notes, hints of pepper and spice. I get some earthy notes and a sweet mocha work into the mix. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this is really a unique blend of flavors. The draw is nice, the burn is slightly wavy and the ash is holding nice with some flakes. The grassy/floral notes in this cigar are reminiscent of Jamastran tobacco I have had in a different brand. I am intrigued as I make my way through the first third of this cigar. Strength is a nice medium and this is a very smooth smoke.

2nd Third: Making the transition I pick up a bit more pepper, earth, cedar mix well with the grassy notes. I pick up a touch of coffee bean bitterness that ever so slightly works into the blend. The draw is still nice, the burn is a bit off. (I think I should have given it a bit more time in my humidor after a cold trip and stay in front of my door in freezing cold temps. This could have contributed to the burn issues I am seeing.) I will say that this blend is very well done and brings a lot of complexity and flavors to the table. As I get past the halfway mark, other than an uneven burn, I am really enjoying this smoke. Strength is still medium and smooth.

Final Third: Moving into the final stretch I am getting more earthy notes complimented with the familiar grassy notes, sweet cedar, leather and coffee bean mentioned. There weren’t any major changes in the transition. For a cigar that I knew very little about, this one has kept it interesting throughout. The burn issue has straightened out to a much better burn with a little wave. I did have one minor touch-up between the 2nd and final third. Nothing serious and it was mostly for appearance (and probably a touch of OCD on my part, don’t act like I am the only one.) I burn this one down to less than a half inch with no bitterness and no real heat issues.

Final thoughts: The Reserve Especial Torpedo really took me by surprise. Not knowing much about the blend I wasn’t sure what to expect. Alexis and team put together a very enjoyable cigar. This is a elegant looking stick with great branding, nice presentation and unique blend. This was an enjoyable smoke from start to finish. This is a medium strength cigar that is complex enough to make it worth trying for experienced smokers to enjoy and mild enough for novice smokers to try. The price point makes this a very nice choice in any situation. For a brand new cigar company, I was very impressed with the complexity of the blend and the overall experience from this stick. I am very interested in trying the rest of the sampler.

I recommend picking up the sample pack and one nice thing Reserve offers is the his/her combo for couples that enjoy cigars. I received very good feedback on the Mova from a friend I let review it. For a $12 price point for the 2, this would be a nice Valentine’s gift guys. Now 33% off

So there you have it. My first look at the Reserve Cigar Company Especial Torpedo. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, long ashes and full glasses friends. Leave your questions, thoughts and comments here. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and share these reviews. Thanks for the support!

2017 Las Calaveras…Crowned Heads

Ah the 2017 Las Calaveras. I picked up a few of these when they were first released last year. Excited to try one, I did right away and I felt like the cigar was too fresh and needed some time to relax and acclimate to the climate in Pa. I was not alone as I read numerous reviews, post and comments mentioning this same thing. I know this was a huge point of contention from co-founder Jon Huber. Sorry Jon. The intent for me, was not to be negative or to put down the cigar, I just honestly felt that the cigar had so much more to give than what I experienced. I still stand by that decision. I also stand by the decision not to post the review based on my experience at the time. I felt it would be best to let the cigar relax, age a bit and then revisit it. My goal was to go back to it before the end of 2017. Little did I know I would be transferring to a new state, selling a house, moving into an apartment, starting the home building process, etc. Needless to say this cigar, along with a number of others did not get reviewed simply because of my personal situation and trying to get settled in a new location.

If you have followed my blog for awhile, anyone that knows me knows a couple of things. 1) I am honest and will not bs anything in my reviews. 2) I am also respectful and tactful and would never bash anyone’s work. If I don’t like a particular cigar, that’s on me. I am not going to love every single cigar I try and neither will you. Just because something doesn’t review well by me or anyone else should never stop you from trying it if it interest you. This is a very opinionated, subjective thing I do and it is strictly my opinion. With all of that said, let’s get down to what we are here to do.

I have been a fan of Crowned Heads for some time now. Nothing has changed on that front. I was able to stop in and visit with Jon in Nashville for just a few minutes in 2016. I would have loved the opportunity to hang out with him and enjoy a smoke but it wasn’t in the cards. I always look forward to anything coming from Crowned Heads as they have been a staple in my humidor for awhile.

“Since we first introduced Las Calaveras in 2014, the marca has risen dramatically in popularity and notoriety,” said Jon Huber, Crowned Heads co-founder, in a statement to halfwheel. “One of the things I’m personally most proud of, however, is that the underlying message of the brand, i.e., to celebrate (rather than mourn) the lives of those who’ve passed on in the previous year, has been heard and received literally around the world.” (Taken from

Every from October 31 – November 2 in Mexico the country celebrates Dia de Muertos. The multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of friends and family friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. Somewhere between 1910-1913 Jose Guadalupe Posada created a zinc etching called, La Calavera Catrina that has become synonymous with the holiday. It is from this etching and holiday that Crowned Heads found inspiration for Las Calaveras.

Let’s jump into this one shall we:

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Maduro

Binder/Filler: Nicaragua

Size: 5 5/8″ x 46

MSRP: $9.75

Origin: My Father Cigar Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua

Appearance: The wrapper is a dark brown color with a reddish/orange hue in the light. It is a rustic leaf with tight seams and a lot of small veins. The black, orange and gold band works really well against the rustic leaf and dresses it nicely.

Pre-light: The cigar feels firm with no soft spots. From the barrel I pick up notes of hay, natural tobacco, pepper, cedar and earth. The foot offers a bit more pepper and earth notes. I use a straight cut and the cold draw offers a good draw with a slight resistance, notes of hay, earth, wood and pepper.

1st Third: Once I get things toasted, the initial burst is a familiar pepper note mixed with cedar, earth, and a mocha like sweetness. The pepper fades fairly quickly but is noticeable on the retrohale. The cedar, spice and sweetness blend together nicely. The draw is nice, the burn is sharp. I did develop a split down the side of the wrapper but it did not present any issues with the performance. Moving towards the end of the first third the strength is medium plus. I am getting notes of cedar, leather, earth, sweet cocoa and pepper.

2nd Third: As I make the transition into the halfway mark, the flavor profile opens up a bit more and this is what I was waiting for when I first reviewed this stick. Time definitely made a difference with this cigar. People can and will say what they want but for me the difference is night and day. The cedar notes are pronounced and a smooth caramel, mocha sweetness takes shape. The earthy notes move into more a nutty profile. The performance is still the same. No issues with the draw, the split proved to be a non issue and the burn is sharp. I am getting a lot of smoke from this cigar. The strength is medium plus to full at this point but it remains smooth.

Final third: Moving into the final third, the transition offers no real change. The flavor profile remains pretty consistent with the 2nd third. The performance is on cruise control. I still get a nice cedar, coffee/mocha/caramel, with a touch of pepper and earth. A slight bit of bitterness starts to show up as I come to the end of this one.

Final Thoughts: I am really glad that I came back to this cigar. While I didn’t find this one to be my personal favorite of the Crowned Heads releases, it certainly was better than the first one I tried. This release was overlooked on a lot of list (mine included due to circumstances) but it really has proven to be a solid smoke. To be fair, the portfolio that Crowned Heads has produced makes for some tough competition. I was super happy to see my local lounge get a box of Luminosa in yesterday! I found this years release to be a solid medium plus to full strength cigar that had a nice flavor profile, nice draw, sharp burn and maintenance free performance. I encourage you to try it and see what you think about it. Blind Man Puff put it as their number 3 cigar this year.

Crowned Heads remains one of my favorite brands and I really enjoy what they are doing with the “Set List” series. If you have not signed up to receive it, visit

If you happen to find yourself in Nashville, reach out to Jon and the team and try to stop by and visit them. They have a very cool headquarters there and they are super down to earth people.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Feel free to leave comments, questions or review request. I am happy to try new cigars anytime I get the chance. Until next time, long ashes and full glasses friends.

Gloria Bendita – Golden Ashes

My wife hooked me up with a cigar sampler from my friend Garrett Johnson of Smooth Draw Cigars. If you aren’t familiar with Smooth Draw, check out the feature piece I did on them recently. If you want ultra boutique cigars, this is where you go to find them. This was one that was included in my sampler. When I say ultra rare, the ONLY place you can buy this cigar in the U.S. is at

Like many of the cigars Garrett has, I had never heard of Gloria Bendita cigars. I had to do some research and what I found was this.

“GLORIA BENDITA produce three different lines which are Golden Ashes, Connecticut and Oscura. Currently, the Connecticut line is still in production and should be available soon.
Similarly, the company offers the service of personalized cigars which gives customers the ability to create their own cigars or brands according to their requirements (blends, vitolas or sizes, etc.) no matter if you are a retailer or wholesaler.
The company started operations in the year 2015 and its factory is located in Tamboril Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. The company is represented by Mr. Xavier Fernández who is a passionate lover of the world of tobacco and cigars.
They produce about 500,000 cigars per year.
All of their cigars are long filler and manufactured in Dominican Republic entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen with the finest raw materials aged between 3.5 and 4.5 years.” (Taken from Smooth Draw Cigars website)

Let’s take a look at this cigar and see what we get shall we?

Gloria Bendita – 5 x 52 Robusto

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Binder/Filler: Undisclosed Dominican

Origin: Tamboril, Dominican Republic

Appearance: Dark brown wrapper with a lot of small/medium veins and tight seams. The band is gold with a light purple color and white lettering. It is a very simple, clean band but it works well with the cigar. A rounded double cap tops it off.

Pre-light: The cigar feels firm with no soft spots and is well packed. From the barrel I pick up mostly earth notes with hay and natural tobacco. From the foot I get more of the same with a light barnyard scent. I am not sure what to expect from this cigar for sure. I use a V-Cutter to split the cap and the cold draw presents a nice open draw with just a touch of resistance keeping it from being too airy. I pick up notes of hay, earth, and tobacco.

1st Third: Once I get things nice and toasted, I pick up a cocoa like sweetness, heavy cedar, and a faint pepper spice. There is almost a floral/grassy note that I cannot pinpoint. It may just be the lingering of the sweet cedar but it is a unique profile. It has a very earthy, natural feel to it. The draw is open, burn is a touch wavy, ash is holding nicely and I am getting heavy smoke production from this stick. As I move more towards the end of the 1st third the flavor really open up and presents a very tasty blend of cedar, cocoa, and a touch of spice. The strength is medium.

2nd Third: No real change during the transition. The flavor profile remains pretty consistent as I hit the halfway mark. Nothing really jumps out at you with this cigar but the flavor is very nice. It is natural and earthy but the blend works very well. I enjoy the cedar and spice with hints of sweetness here and there. The performance is on cruise control. The draw is still open, the burn is slightly wavy and the ash is holding tight. The strength is still a medium to me.

Final Third: More of the same as I finish this one off. No major changes in the blend. I don’t consider this a bad thing at all. It isn’t super complex and sometimes as a reviewer it is nice to get one that you don’t have to try and unravel and decipher. It is nice to just be able to smoke it, know what you have and enjoy it. And enjoy it I did, all the way to the nub. No burn issues, no touch ups needed, draw remained good throughout. Strength ended medium plus for me.

Final thoughts: I wan’t sure what to expect from this cigar as I knew nothing about it going in. I have seen the cigar online via Smooth Draw but other than that, there isn’t much out there about it. Once I started smoking it, it had a very straightforward flavor profile that remained consistent from start to finish. The performance was great and there was no maintenance required. Light it and enjoy it. If you want a super complex cigar, look elsewhere. This cigar offers a very nice flavor profile that doesn’t change up much at all but as I stated, is not a bad thing. I like the flavor profile and found it enjoyable. It is a natural, earthy, woodsy cigar that is easy to smoke, easy to enjoy.

I would definitely smoke this again. This would be a great cigar to pair with a cup of coffee in the morning or anytime of day.

I would love to try the Oscuro blend and see how it fairs. I encourage you to check this cigar out along with the other ultra-rare cigars offered at Smooth Draw Cigars. Be sure to tell them you read about it here.

I hope you enjoyed the review of the Gloria Bendita Golden Ashes cigar. Until next time, long ashes and full glasses friends.

Highclere Castle by Foundation Cigars

Globally recognized as the iconic face of the award-winning television drama, Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle is now producing a cigar reminiscent of those enjoyed at Highclere Castle during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

To create and produce the cigar, Highclere Castle Cigar Company has partnered with world-renowned cigar producer Nicholas Melillo, the former head of Drew Estate Nicaragua. Nicholas formed Foundation Cigar Company in 2015 to craft hand-made cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua, and this is the latest in Foundation’s exceptional line.

George Carnarvon, the current 8t h Earl Carnarvon, owner of Highclere Castle and farmer of the 5,000 acre estate, is an active partner in the endeavor. “Having had the opportunity to visit Nicaragua and tour the tobacco fields and factories where our cigars are made, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for the passion and skill that goes into making a super-premium cigar. The cigar itself is an excellent representation of that, and I think my ancestors would be proud it bears the Highclere badge.”

Highclere’s rich cigar history goes back to 1862, when cigars were first introduced to England. The tradition at Highclere Castle has always been to retire to the library after dinner for a cigar and whiskey. In 1922, the current Earl’s great-grandfather undoubtedly celebrated his and Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tut’s Tomb with a cigar in hand. Recently, Highclere Castle’s archivist discovered letters and personal account records of the Carnarvon’s cigar purchases in the early 1900s from dealers in London as well as the Ritz Hotel.

Melillo subsequently crafted a cigar that reflects that historic flavor profile and smoking style. The Highclere Castle Cigar is hand rolled in Estelí, Nicaragua, using a Connecticut Shade wrapper, and both Criollo and Corojo from the volcanic soils of Jalapa and the island of Ometepe. The binder is made from Mata Fina, a dark tobacco from Brazil. The blend is finalized with an exclusive hybrid seed the company has named Nicadán. The resulting smoke is exceptionally creamy and elegant, with notes of pepper, citrus, leather and fireplace.

(Taken from the Foundation Cigar Website)

I did not review this cigar when I first smoked it but I was immediately impressed with it. I missed meeting Nick at Famous Smoke Shop but I was able to pick up a few cigars after the event. This was one of them. If you don’t know who Nick Melillo is here a is quick bio. Born in Connecticut, he started his cigar journey at a small brick and mortar store in 1996. In 2003 he was hired by Jonathan Drew to run the Drew Estate Factory. Over the years he began blending and helped develop the Liga Privada, and the Dirty Rat. Arguably 2 of the most popular cigars from DE. In 2014 Nick built a consulting firm and in 2015 he started his own company, Foundation Cigars. Over the last 2 years he has released some of the greatest cigars I have smoked.

I was curious about the outcome of this project but I knew it would not disappoint. I finally sat down today and reviewed it. Let see what we get.

Highclere Castle Toro 6 x 52

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina

Filler: Nicaragua (Jalapa & Ometepe regions) Criollo, Corojo, and a hybrid named Nicadan.

Factory: Tabacalera AJ Fernandez

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

MSRP – $15.00

Appearance: Silky smooth medium brown Connecticut Shade wrapper with a few veins, a few noticeable bumps and tight seams. There is a small defect about halfway up but that was my fault. The band is very elegant and works well against this wrapper. It is a very elegant looking cigar.

Pre-Light: Cigar is firm with no soft spots. It feels light in the hand. I pick up notes of hay, natural tobacco, earth, and cedar from the wrapper. The foot offers more of the same mixed with a little pepper and sweetness. I decided on a hole punch this time and it proves a nice option as the draw is great. A slight resistance but not hard. I pick up hay, pepper, earth and cedar from the cold draw. Time to light this one up and enjoy.

1st Third: Big blast of pepper hits the palate right off the bat. I did not expect that at all. A very woodsy, sweet cedar and a touch of sweetness enter the mix and start to tone down the pepper nicely. This is a very creamy and distinct flavor profile that is mild/medium in strength. As I move further into it, more cedar and a dark chocolate mix for a nice combo. The draw is still great, the burn is sharp. I am getting nice smoke production from this cigar but the ash does not hold for very long. Twice it got me about 1/4 inch in. Be careful if you are wearing a nice shirt.

2nd Third: No huge changes as I transition into the second third. The pepper was really toned down, cedar, hay, and cocoa take the forefront. I am getting a grassy/floral type of sweetness that I cannot pinpoint. There is a slight citrus note that also comes in but does not stick around for long. The draw is still great, the burn is a little wavy but nothing crazy, strength is still mild/medium.

Final Third: Again it stays pretty consistent. I continue to get cedar, hay, cocoa/coffee, some earth notes and a little bit of pepper. The floral notes fade in and out throughout the final third. Everything performance wise is the same. The strength has increased slightly to a medium for sure. I end it with less than an inch left to go.

Final Thoughts: Don’t expect a lot of crazy changes from this cigar. It is not going to switch up from third to third. I find this blend to work very nicely and it is complex enough to make it interesting. For someone that does not typically smoke Connecticut cigars, I enjoyed this one a lot. Don’t let the price point deter you from trying this cigar. If you don’t usually smoke Connecticut’s, I recommend this as a first cigar of the day. I think it would go great with a nice coffee. The performance of this cigar was great from start to finish. Perfect draw, nice even burn with no touch ups required and great smoke production. The ash does not hold for very long, at least it didn’t for me so be cautious. I found this to be a complex cigar that is great for most cigar enthusiast. It is probably a bit complex for beginners and at the price point I don’t think it would be appreciated for what it is. I encourage you to pick one up and try it for yourself.

So there you have it. The Highclere Castle from Foundation Cigar Company. A great project from Nick Melillo and another great cigar that I am sure I will enjoy again. I will certainly have these in my humidor. I hope you enjoyed the review. Feel free to comment and share this post. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and join the CigarHawk group on Facebook. Until next time, long ashes and full glasses!

New Company Spotlight…Bearded Assassin

Bearded Assassins

I found Bearded Assassins on social media awhile back and started communicating with owner Josh Bennett. I placed an order for some products when I started growing out my beard. I went with the KBAR scented oil, balm and wash and I have been very happy with the products. I encourage you to learn more about the brand and the awesome people behind the scenes making it happen. This is a great veteran owned, small business run by Josh and his wife Ariel. Check out the interview and be sure to follow them on social media. Feel free to place an order from the website

Be sure to tell them you heard about them here.

Tell us about your brand/company.

Bearded Assassins is our company in which we make hand crafted beard products that are high quality for anyone everyone to enjoy on their beard journey.

We started this company due to issues with a big named company that I won’t name. But basically it took them 4 weeks to send products and respond to my email which I had sent a few times. Within the 4 weeks I decided to do a lot of research searching out for the best products to use for my own personal use. After a couple friends trying it out and making sure it was all safe I said, “I should start a beard oil company on Etsy for a hobby”. Me and my wonderful wife came up with all kinds of crazy names but Bearded Assassins sounded the best. Thus, we started our small business.

We never thought we would go anywhere but after a little over a year and a lot of time we now are gaining momentum. We started the summer of 2016 and still growing. We hand make everything with our own recipes by hand every time someone orders and we are now doing small batches so we can be ready to ship faster. Our goal is to provide the best beard products we can make without it costing the customer’s too much money. We make our products for the everyday working man and the guys that beard all year long. We offer anything from beard oil to beard balm and beard wash. We have a couple different shirts, hoodies, stickers, kits and soon koozies and patches. We may end up turning it into a worldwide beard club in the future.

What made you decide to start your business?

Not only for the simple reason that we had a bad experience from a well-known company and horrible customer service, but because we wanted to help people with needs for bearding and show the world you can always make something great with an idea and hard work.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in TX, moved to Las Vegas, NV early in life and grew up here. I ended up joining the ARMY in 2005 and was honorably discharged in 2011. I have two awesome kids that live with their mom in OH. I am married to my soul mate and loving life. We both work full time jobs and do the business as well, so we stay really busy. The goal is to one day only have the business to run.

You have an impressive beard. How long have you been growing it?

Thank you so much. I have been growing my beard for right under two years. I have had it trimmed a few times but now I will be letting it grow as much as it will grow.

What are tips for guys starting out (like me) and get to that frustrating stage where everything just wants to go everywhere! What’s the best way to control and maintain it?

I get asked a lot about this. So the best way to maintain your beard depends on length and products you are using. Guy’s with shorter beards say less than 3” use beard oil & Beard butter or just one of these products daily and wash it just a couple times a week. When guy’s get into the awkward stage 3”-6” the beard will have a mind of its own some days. You can use Beard Balm to try and help shape it or you can use a blow dryer on low heat with a brush to straighten it. Once the beard reaches a certain length it kinda gets easier to maintain. The weight of the beard will help a lot to fall down easier. One thing that has helped me a lot is when I wake up I rinse my beard really well with just water, then apply beard oil or beard butter and comb it out and that helps with bed beard as well.

What goes into making these products? Did you have a background in this or did you work with a team to develop the products?

So after researching which carrier oils were best for I wanted, then researched essential oils and fragrance oils, me and the wife started experimenting with different blends of each scent in small portions. We experimented will different levels of each different carrier oil and had friends test them and I tested them as well. After weeks of this we then chose our best four scents and blend of carrier oils to use. We did this same thing with fragrance oils for the scent to stay all day which people love. This same exact process went into making our beard wash, beard butter and beard balm. Lots of work but definitely worth every moment.

I did go to school for design so I am the one that has designed everything even down to the labels themselves. We design everything in house then have companies do our prints for us. But I did not have a background in making any type of products.

I am a fan of the Kbar products I currently have. I am going to place an order for the Hitman series next. What inspires the scents you have and the names?

In the beard world there are certain scents that guys like to wear every day. So the inspiration comes from the simple scents and then we put a little extra so its different from other companies and what they do to make their scents. We also have come up with signature scents like 50 Cal for the tobacco and cologne lover’s out there and then we have Kbar which is a softer everyday scent that women love to smell on men.

The names for the scents come from the different types of assassins and the weapons they use and also military weapons I have used myself that sound cool and fun.

You have a very cool logo and merchandise line to go along with the products. How has that been received? Do you get any grief about the name from people?

The first thing we get compliments on is the logo and how it is simple but yet cool. We have not gotten any grief from anyone yet but we will see when we grow and people are rocking more gear. The logo and name draws people in and then they use the products and they love them which is perfect for us. In the future we may add a different emblem or something like but for now we will continue to make fun gear for people and enjoy this ride.

So I see you smoking pipes on Instagram. Let’s talk a bit about that. When did you get into pipes?

I used to be a big Cigarette smoker for a long time. When I met Ariel, My wife she did not like it but we never thought we would get serious. When we got serious, she has sent some cool vaping video’s to me and I wanted to quit smoking. I got into vaping 3+ years ago and quit smoking. Summer of 2016 I wanted that burn and taste of tobacco but not cigarettes. I looked up pipe smoking and saw The Smoking Dagners on YouTube and they taught people to smoke a pipe through their channel. I picked up a corn cob pipe and got some cheap tobacco locally. Had a horrible experience because I could not pack a pipe right. So they encouraged people to be patient and learn how to pack your pipe and smoke slow. Then, my journey began with pipe smoking and collecting pipes and tobacco. Since I have gotten into cigars and the wife loves the smell of the cigars, so it works out.

What’s some of your favorite tobacco?

I love all kinds of different tobacco’s. Here are a few favorites of mine:

English – Plum Pudding by Seattle Pipe Club

  • Frog Morton By McClelland

  • North Woods by Boswell’s

VaPr – Elizabeathen Mixture by Dunhill

-Orlik Golden Slices by Orlik

-Pebblecut by McClelland

Aromatics- Royal and Black by Captain Black

-Vanilla Cream by Mac Baren

-Scotty’s Trout Stream by Pipes and Cigars

Cross over-Black Magic Woman by Just for Him

-Frog Morton Cellar By McClelland

What advice can you give someone like me that tried to get into but got extremely impatient with having to constantly relight over and over?

So for everyone new to pipe smoking and I still am as well. But make sure the pipe tobacco is dried out enough so it’s not too wet and you get bad tongue bite and wet pipe. Grab a corn cob pipe and learn how to pack the pipe good to keep it lit and tamp but not too heavy just enough to get the embers down to the new tobacco to burn. Remember to take your time and enjoy the tobacco and really taste the tobacco. Relax and just enjoy that moment. Never smoke a pipe when you are in a hurry or you do not have the time to truly sit, relax and enjoy the pipe. Remember as well that you need different pipes for different types of tobacco like one for aromatics, one for English and one for VaPers. Rotate your pipes so you don’t burn them out.

We should do a pipe session on the website at some point. If you know of any guys or gals that would be interested in doing a Pipe 101 session on the website that would be really cool. As a cigar guy, I have no knowledge of pipes but I would love to add a section for pipe enthusiast. Your thoughts?

Oh yes brother I think a smoke session would be an awesome idea indeed. It’s always more fun to smoke with someone rather than alone. I can talk pipes all day. Learning a good bit about cigars now. Maybe one day it would be nice to have a tobacco shop of my own.

Where can people find you on social media and the web?

We respond on FB and IG the most. But we also have a YouTube as well. Here are the ways to our Social Media:

IG: Beardedassassins

FB: Beardedassassinsco

YT: Beardedassassins

What’s next for you?

We will see what this next year brings but we will be offering more stuff such as patches, Koozies, Bumper Stickers, more shirts and Snap Back Hats.

Anything else you want to discuss?

I think that about sums up everything brother. I want take this time to really thank you for having us interview with you and maybe one day share a pipe together or a great stick. We wish you the very best for this coming New Year!

Check out some of the great scents available:

.50 Cal – A great blend of Tobacco with spiced Mahogany and a touch of bay leaf. This scent will make you feel like a pirate.. Arg Matey!

KBAR – A blend of Sandalwood and Warm Vanilla. Ladies, you’ll love this one it’s a pantie dropper!

Colt 45 – Bay Rum with Arabian Spices and hints of the woods. It’ll remind you of the wonderful smell of the holidays all year long!

Red Dot – Warm & spicy aftershave with hints of rain. It’ll remind you of those days at the barbershop.

Grenade – Fresh brewed Espresso! This will help you wake up and of course make you want a fresh cup of coffee!

Flash Bang – Fresh brewed espresso with some chocolate and mint added for those that want a little more in their brew!

Cherry Bomb – Cherry tobacco grandpa use to smoke in his pipe is nostalgic and will bring back those great memories.

Nude – Hunters and men that do not want any scent but still great product, look no further!

So there you have it folks. If you want a healthier, nice smelling beard, be sure to check them out and support a great company. Until next time, long ashes, full glasses.

Hand Rolled. A film about cigars

I am hoping that if you are reading this, you have watched the trailer and I ask that you share this on all of your social media platforms. Copy the link and help me get the word out. This project is about more than cigars. It is about something much bigger. The government of the United States is attempting to pass regulations that would have WORLDWIDE ramifications. We are not just talking about businesses and jobs in the US, but all across the world. If you are in the cigar world you know what I am talking about. If you don’t and you enjoy having the ability to walk into a cigar shop and pick out a cigar and enjoy it, then you need to do some homework.

This project is not just about the FDA but also about educating people of the history, industry and culture that we all know and love. They can’t do it alone. I met Pete Johnson at a CI and Famous event and we talked about this film and the importance of it. Pete and his companies believe in this project so much that they are helping in a number of ways to make it happen. If you have a cigar company and can help in anyway, I would ask that you reach out to these guys and get involved now. (If you are interested in a larger investment, please contact

As consumers, we can help by supporting them on social media, getting the word out, purchasing merchandise through their online store and by simply donating. Click the links below to get involved.

Check it out here:

No donation is too small.

Something we all enjoy and love is being threatened by people that do not understand the very thing they are trying to regulate out of existence .

You can also join the fight by supporting Cigar Rights of America.

At the end of the day we have the choice to sit idle and complain, wonder and guess. Or we can take action and have our voices heard. Contact your state representatives and congressmen and tell them you do not support what is going on. Invite them to come to your local cigar lounge and get educated on the subject so they can at least have some knowledge before making a decision they don’t understand. Cigars are not a Food nor are they a Drug so the FDA has no business adding us to this group.

The boutique cigar companies have the most to loose in all of this and I encourage all of them to get involved with Dr. Gaby Kafie and the Boutique Cigar Association of America. Collectively you can make a difference. For more information please check out :

Again, I ask that you share this from time to time and help me get the word out. Please check out all of the links I have attached and support those that you can. Thanks for reading and sharing.

Together we can make a difference. Long ashes and full glasses friends. Cheers.

Interview with Garrett Johnson of Smooth Draw Cigars

Today we are interviewing the owner of Smooth Draw Cigars, Garrett Johnson. For those that don’t know, Garrett reviewed ultra boutique cigars on this Smooth Draw Reviews site and recently expanded to an online store selling these ultra boutiques, some of which he is the only distributor for. Hope you enjoy the interview and will check out his site and cigars.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Oklahoma Native. I have a beautiful wife and two dogs. I’m an identical twin. To add more of a whoa factor, my dad is a triplet—no joke!

When did you get into cigars?

My dad gave me my first cigar when I turned 18. I remember not knowing anything about them but being very curious how they make them, the details and processes involved, and what makes a great cigar.

What was the first cigar you smoked?

I believe it was a Macanudo Court Tube.

Were you immediately hooked or did it grow on you?

Oh yeah! I smoked cigars on special occasions and occasionally with my dad and brother.

Before you opened your store, you did cigar reviews at Smooth Draw Reviews, what are some of the top cigars you have reviewed?

I’m going to sound like a typical business owner and say that all of them are top cigars to me. Going back to the brand recognition and exposure goal, I’ve had a lot of fun sharing Kolumbus Cigars—from Spain, Om Mani Gold Label, and Gloria Bendita from the Domincan Republic. These three are dear to me because of the relationships with the business owners. More importantly, they aren’t sold ANYWHERE else in the USA. That makes them very special to me as a business owner knowing the level of trust with the brands and their owners.

Exclusive cigars only at Smooth Draw Cigars. That’s awesome.

You are known for reviewing ultra-boutique cigars. How did that start and how do you find out about these brands?

The internet is full of cigar reviews. At that time, all of the reviews I was reading and watching on YouTube were all what I call “main-stream” cigars (the popular and well-known brands). Curiosity got the best of me a few years ago as I tried to search rare and unheard of cigars. One day after speaking to a few small batch cigar companies, I decided I wanted to review some rare cigars. My goal was two-fold. 1. I set out to discover amazing unheard of cigars. 2. I wanted to be able to provide more exposure for them. Build recognition and familiarity they might not otherwise have.

I literally just researched rare cigars online. I love the ease of Instagram and would often message these small brands, tell them about my blog and reviews, and tell them I’d love to review some of their cigars.

I knew I was doing something right after just a couple of months when I no longer had to reach out to these brands. Instead, they contacted me.

What made you decide to open your own online business?

After reviewing rare and ultra-boutique cigars for about a year and a half, I discovered several of these businesses relied on retailers. Many of whom did not sell their own cigars on their website. Several of the business owners encouraged me to become a retailer. We had developed a high level of trust and support for one another and it only made sense to take what I was doing to the next level. Reviewing the cigars was great, but I knew I could provide even more exposure and sales if I sold the cigars myself. Another huge factor was definitely the support from my friends, followers, and viewers. As I spoke with them, they were all very excited for me and probably more enthusiastic about the idea of me starting my own online store than I was! Many of them smoked the cigars with me and wanted to have an easy outlet to get their hands on the cigars.

When did you open?

The website officially opened June 1st, 2017

Tell us about Smooth Draw Cigars.

We are an online cigar store that specializes in the sale of rare, exotic, and ultra-boutique cigars. You won’t find any main-stream selections on our site. We are the only retailer in the United States that sells the following cigars: Kolumbus Cigars from La Palma, Spain, Om Mani Gold Label, and Gloria Bendita of the Dominican Republic. Unlike many online cigar companies, quality customer service is our #1 priority. All cigars we sell are 100% handmade, have long filler tobacco, and are shipped after being properly humidified to ensure they are in smoke-able conditions.

What makes your online store unique?

3 things:
Our Prices: One aspect of our company which all of our customers appreciate is our prices. Most companies who sale boutique cigars have bogus margins—that’s a new economic term 😊) They understand that what they have is rare and increase their prices and make you spend a minimum per order. My goal with our company was to offer super affordable prices and allow our customers to purchase single cigars—so they can mix and match and try new ones. In my mind, that puts my customers first.
Our selections: As mentioned before, we don’t offer any mainstream cigars. Our goal is not to compete with your local brick and mortar stores. We simply want to provide a new experience for them.
Our customer service: Two years ago, I purchased a cigar sampler on a very popular cigar website. The order came in the mail and the cigars were extremely dry, cracked, and not smokeable. After several attempts trying to rectify with their customer service line which just constantly rang and an email address that probably was never checked, I gave up. When I opened SDC, I vowed to have the best customer service. Sure, we’ve messed up—we’re human too, but we’ve been sure to correct the mistake plus one.

What are some of the brands you currently carry?

Alpha Cigars, Kolumbus, Gloria Bendita, Om Mani, Opalo 1979, Isabela, ChaliceGod13th, Providencia Cigars, and Monte Blanc. More recently added the Lincoln Bourbon by BattleGround Cigars and the Cala Habano by Cala Cigars.

The Alpha Cigar Company Absinthe Infused that you carry really made an impression on me. I had no idea about Absinthe and never really reviewed infused cigars. Do you have any cigar/s that caught you off guard like that and made a lasting impression on you?

That’s great to hear, Scott! The Absinthe Infused Maduro certainly caught me off guard as well. I want to have as authentic of a review as possible so I do not read anything about them prior to the review. So, experiencing that many notes and flavors in one cigar was quite a ride! The cigar has 15 different herbs and notes which is a pretty fun experience for the first time.
Isabela Guerrila had the same shock value for me. It’s a bigger ring gauge and packs a punch, flavor wise.

Some of these cigars are super rare in terms of U.S distribution. Can you talk a little about that?

I’d love to. We are thrilled to have three brands on our “shelves” so to speak that are not sold anywhere else in the US. That means no other store carries them and they are exclusive to I’m not speaking for any particular brand, but something I found out early on in this business is that a lot of small batch brands don’t want to sell their cigars in stores. As crazy as that sounds, it makes sense if you think about it. Think about your personal experiences in a shop. Most consumers go to their brick and mortar store to pick up cigars they are familiar with. Even folks who don’t smoke on a regular basis typically don’t buy cigars they’ve never heard of before. This is the advantage we have as an online store. Many of our [future] customers have never heard of the brands we sell. We are confident that once they try them, they will fall in love and want to try them again.

Any cigars out there you are looking to try?

I’m always willing to try new cigars on a regular basis. I have a list of some cigars from Battleground Cigars that are in the que for reviews. I also have a few really rare cigars from Felipe Gregorio Cigars such as the Pelo de Oro Torpedo and the 1957 Series FG56 that are calling my name in my humidor.

What are some cigars you enjoy on a regular basis?

If I say all of them, am I a cop-out? Haha. I regularly smoke several of the brands we carry. Aside from boutiques, some of my go-to cigars are the Liga Privada #9, anything my buddy Jorge Nichols rolls from JNV Cigars, La Gloria Cubana Series N, and Nubs.

How have you been received in the community?

Let me ask my mom…. J I think most spectators are very skeptical. It’s challenging selling cigars no one has ever heard of before. It’s even more challenging selling rare cigars and competing with the mainstream brands. However, there is nothing more satisfying than having a customer contact us to let us know how much they enjoyed the cigars they purchased—which I can confidently say it happens all the time!

You have done some recent live events, care to discuss some of those?

Definitely! To create more exposure of our rare cigars, events are key. I’ve recently attended a clay shooting tournament for a local organization here in Oklahoma. They had nearly 300 shooters in which a sponsoring company purchased several cigars and allowed me to pass them out and talk to attendees about our cigars. Most recently, I teamed up with a local winery for a Cigar and Cabernet pairing event. We’re always looking for opportunities to get involved with the community. My goal is to get connected with a few golf courses in the near future to provide cigars for tournaments and charity events.

That’s great stuff. Wine and Cigars never really crossed my mind until I paired them and often I find myself pairing a great red wine with a nice cigar and it’s always been good.

What do you see happening in the future for Smooth Draw? Any projects you care to talk about?

We are currently working on a referral program that I’m extremely excited about. As a consumer myself, I love being rewarded for promoting businesses. So, we are working on a program that we think our customers will really love and truly benefit from.

We’ve also recently joined forces with a non-profit organization called Warriors for Freedom. They host events to help service members, veterans and their families reconnect with their community, provide peer to peer support and camaraderie. I’m really excited to announce we’ve added a way for our customers to donate cigars to the troops on our website. We are also assisting with their annual fundraiser in February. We’ll donate several boxes of cigars to hand out and allow all attendees to have a relaxing and enjoyable evening with a cigar.

I am personally looking forward to trying many of the cigars you carry. I have been intrigued by many of the cigars you carry for some time. What are some must try cigars in your opinion?

Definitely the ones you can’t buy anywhere else. I’d recommend trying all three of the Kolumbus Cigars. You can’t go without at least trying all of the Absinthe Infused and Defuser series from Alpha.

I appreciate your time and before we go, do you have anything else you care to discuss?

I’d encourage everyone who reads this interview to go to our site. Take some time reading the reviews, seeing what others have to say about them. If you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me. Our contact information is on our website. We love answering questions for beginners or providing suggestions based on your personal preferences. As always, thank you for supporting us and all of the small-batch and boutique brands we work with.

I encourage all of you to visit and check out the rare boutique cigars available. I want to thank Garrett for his continued support and doing the interview.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here or contact Garrett on his site.

I hope you enjoyed the interview. If you have anyone that you would like to see an interview with, let me know. Until next time, long ashes and full glasses friends!