The Rebel RC Medium

Happy 2017 everyone. Hope everyone had a safe and Happy celebration with friends and family. 2016 was a year with a lot of changes, a lot of tragic events across the globe, new FDA regulations on the cigar industry, one of the craziest election seasons in the history of the free world, and a year of some of the best cigars in the world being released. A lot of new companies launched, many existing companies sped up releases to get around some of the new regulations bringing some of the best blends into the market. I tried many new brands and even more new cigars this year than in previous years. This was for a number of reasons. 1) I was really excited about a lot of the new releases 2) My palate has developed enough that I had a much better understanding of what I was actually experiencing 3) I really fell hard for boutique brands and trying cigars that don’t get much exposure. All of these things really played into my cigar buying, smoking and enjoying cigars this year more than ever. Being a relatively new smoker in the sense that I only got into it about 3 years ago and really into it less than 2 years I have really advanced my expectations and far too often I found myself disappointed by the major name brand releases.

With all that said, (if you follow me you have read this before) I decided to dedicate this blog to those smaller up and coming brands that need a platform and hopefully get them some exposure. I don’t ask for anything other than spreading the word about this page and to provide me some feedback. The response so far has been great and I am very thankful for that. I hope that 2017 brings some great things for this blog and specifically the companies, people and cigars I review here. I try to be honest and as descriptive as my palate allows me to be.

One of the companies that I reached out to about the page was The Rebel Cigar company. You can read my first review of the Rebel RC Light here also. They were nice enough to send me 1 of each of their blends to try and review.

The RC Medium 6 x 52 size


This is the second of the 3 I received. The product information card they sent states that their cigars feature “Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos infused with 100% premium Cuban-seed filler. The RC Medium Cigar is wrapped in a Dark Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro Leaf”. This is a very nice looking cigar that is a nice, dark brown with a rugged wrapper featuring nice veins. There was a minor defect in the cap which I cut with 0 issues (this was likely from the shock of the change in climate and shipping). The cigar feels light in my hand with no soft spots. Construction is solid and I pick up notes of semi-sweet cocoa, hay and earth from the foot.

I used a v-cut and the cold draw brings heavy notes of straw with a hint of cocoa. It was very interesting how much straw/hay it presented. I used a match to get things started and once toasted I picked up some nice red pepper that hit my palate followed by a very nice woodsy profile. This cigar has a very earthy feel to it and is producing some nice white smoke. The flavor profile is very natural with a bit of spice that tones down pretty rapidly moving through the first third. Draw and burn are both very good. This is a medium bodied cigar.


As I move into the second third the transition is very subtle with more of the cocoa mixed with a nice wood flavor. It is likely cedar but it is smoky and mixes very nicely with the sweetness of the semi-sweet cocoa. The profile really does not change all that much, and for me that is great. As I stated before, this misconception that a cigar needs these huge flavor transitions at every third is ridiculous to me. I actually prefer consistency over huge shifts. This cigar, so far is very consistent. If you like the first third of this cigar, you will enjoy it throughout. If you don’t, you won’t find much else in regards to major changes. The ash is holding over 1 inch and is grey in color. The burn is a little jagged but I am outdoors in low 40 degree temps with a breeze so this is going to effect the performance. When I go into my heated garage, it tends to straighten out but the heat and lack of humidity really makes it starve for air. Admittedly these are less than ideal conditions to do a true review in regards to performance. Because the climate I am in is so harsh on cigars I always make it a point to state this fact. When you see pictures and it looks jagged, this is rarely (almost never) due to the construction of the cigar. Moving on.


The final third brought more of the same with the exception of the return of the red pepper spice coming to the forefront with the cocoa taking a backseat but really mixing into a really nice smooth finish. The smoky wood profile really makes a statement throughout this cigar as the dominant flavor for me. That’s the beautiful thing about cigars, they are unique to the individual smoking it. My perfect 10 may very well be the worse cigar you ever smoked so always keep that in mind when you try a cigar based on a review.


Overall, this was a solid cigar that was medium in strength and flavor profile. The construction was great, nice open draw, good burn that required no touch-ups with a very natural profile. It was very woodsy with just the right amount of spice and subtle sweetness. The blend was very consistent throughout with no major swings or shifts from one third to the next. I think newer smokers would enjoy this cigar which is a step up from milder smokes but the flavor is enough that more advance smokers would still enjoy it. This is a great choice for a morning smoke with coffee or perfect for a nice lunchtime smoke. I really enjoyed this cigar and I would certainly smoke it again. So far 2 for 2 from Rebel Cigar in my book. At an $8.00 price point, this is a great looking, great performing, intriguing cigar that will satisfy a variety of smokers from new to old.

20161230_123843-011 20161230_123759-011

I hope you enjoyed this review. As always, comments, suggestions and your thoughts are always welcomed. I encourage you to check out for more information. Until next time, long ashes and full glasses friends. Peace.

Outlawed Luxury…Run with The Rebel

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and all the other many holiday greetings that we celebrate. Hope everyone had a great weekend with friends and family. I was home alone as I sent my wife and son to Louisiana to be with family and our daughter that moved back in the spring to attend school. Being an adult sucks sometimes but it was worth it seeing the photos and hearing the happiness in their voices. This is also why I have the free time to do a review on Christmas. I am not THAT dedicated. Lol

Anyway, awhile back I had a company start following me on Instagram so I followed back. I saw them posting from time to time, and as I got the blog up and running I reached out to them and asked if they would be interested in being featured here. As they are growing and recently released their cigars, I intend to do a piece on the brand and the people behind it. In the meantime, they were nice enough to send me a 3 pack sampler to review for them. That is always a very humbling thing for me and I truly appreciate it.

I received the RC Light, RC Medium, and the Signature yesterday (Merry Christmas to me!) and I couldn’t wait to try them. I decided to give them a night in the humidor to warm up because they spent some time traveling from Las Vegas to the much cooler Northeast. This factor will come into play during my review. Today was sunny, in the high 40’s which is warmer than it has been here so I decided to start with the RC Light.

The Rebel Cigar (RC) Light – 6 x 52 size

The company included a nice folding card with info about the company and the cigars. The cards states the cigars “are a mix of leaves from remote regions of Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Infused with 100% premium Cuban-seed filler and accompanied by a Light Nicaraguan Habano Claro leaf wrapper.”


The cigar is medium brown in color with small veins and the seams are slightly raised. It feels firm with no soft spots. The band is black with gold and a deep red (maroon) Cowboy hat, mustache and cigar logo.I picked up notes of really good tobacco, straw and a sweet cocoa off the foot. I used a straight guillotine cut and the cold draw was open with a little resistance. I picked up some earthy barnyard notes mixed with tobacco.

I used a match to get things started and it lit very easily and tons of thick, white smoke poured from this cigar. Once I got it nice and toasted, the first puff produced some pepper spice that hit the back of my palate. I did not expect this as I didn’t pick up any of that from the foot. The next couple of puffs revealed some leathery earthy notes with some pepper and a subtle cocoa in the background. First impression was impressive. Great draw, tons of smoke, a solid and complex flavor profile. As I moved into the first third a bit more, the pepper really toned down a lot and a subtle woodsy (oak/cedar mix possibly) came into the mix. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come because it is very pleasant.


As stated prior, coming from Las Vegas into the colder North presented some minor issues which is not uncommon. The cold temp can cause the leaves to tighten up a bit and there were some minor breaking in the wrapper. It was also a bit windy and the burn was slightly jagged. I attribute both of these issues to the climate and not the cigar. The ash held almost the entire length of until a nice gust of wind removed it for me. The construction of this cigar is solid.

The second third brought exactly what I hoped. The woodsy flavor that started to appear really takes front and center now and adds to the complexity of the blend. There is still that earthy element with a light cocoa mix. So far this is a medium bodied, full flavored cigar. I am really finding it hard to put it down and the blend really has me intrigued by what is offered. The wood profile really blends well. The ash is over 1 inch and holding strong. It is white/grey and flaky. The draw tightened up just a touch offering just the right amount of resistance. This could be from the cold also. Either way, its still a nice, easy draw and this cigar is still producing a lot of smoke.


As I move into the final third, the pepper spice makes a nice return. A few spots were a slight bit harsh but I attribute that to me smoking away like a crack fiend and not giving this cigar time to rest. 2 reasons for that…1) the cigar is REALLY good 2) it’s in the 40’s and I have been out here almost 2 hours! The cigar ends with the same profile it started with. A bit of spice mixed with the other great flavors mentioned. The final third moved into the medium-med/full range but stayed very smooth.


Overall thoughts. I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into this review. What I came away with is that this is a great cigar. Solid construction, great performance, complex and flavorful profile, medium to med/full strength that is smooth throughout. This was a very enjoyable cigar that lasted right at the 2 hour mark even with me puffing away on it. This tells you about the construction of the cigar. Even with that amount of air flowing through it, it stayed cool and the burn lasted. No touchups were needed. The burn line was slightly jagged but again, I am outside on a windy day.

The price point on the RC Series runs $8.00 and the Signature Series is priced at $12. $8 for a 6×52 of this caliber and size is very fair. I would spend that much for this stick and feel good about it knowing what I am getting. I highly recommend trying this cigar and I look forward to reviewing the next 2. The 52 is a bigger ring gauge than I typically smoke so I hope they look to bring in some different sizes as they grow. This is a solid cigar and I would certainly smoke this cigar in my rotation. Very nicely done Rebel Cigar. Much success in the future!

If you are interested in checking them out or placing an order, please visit

As always friends, your thoughts, comments and reviews are welcome. Next time we have “Something Special” to review. Long ashes and full glasses. May you all have a very Merry Christmas.

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