Oak & Eden Texas Whiskey set to debut

In-bottle Finished, Inspired Whiskey is the genesis behind a Texas Whiskey brand, debuting this month.

WESTLAKE, TX., April 17, 2018/PR Newswire/ — Sanctified Spirits, LLC, producer of Oak & Eden Handcrafted Whiskey proudly announces the introduction of its remarkably smooth, highly original line of in-bottle finished, inspired whiskeys. “Our whiskey is exceptional because of the way in which we finish it, in-bottle”, says Joe Giildenzopf, the company’s CEO.

In-bottle finishing utilizes a masterful combination of Spirit, Wood, Fire and Spice. “We start with Spirit, Straight American Whiskey, in two varieties, Bourbon and Rye. Next, using our patent-pending process, we add Wood, a 5-inch long spiral cut piece of American Oak to each bottle. We call this our “Spire”. The Spire has been exposed toFire (just like a barrel would be) in order to extract flavorful botanicals that when introduced to the bottle adds Spice, smoothness and character to our whiskey” stated Mr. Giildenzopf.

While our whiskeys are in-bottle finished, they’re also inspired. “Inspired Whiskey” has two meanings; the first, obvious meaning is there is a spire in our whiskey. The second, less obvious meaning speaks to the Creation Story when God made Man from the earth and breathed His life into His creation. Similarly, Oak & Eden uses elements of the earth, corn, rye and barley to create a spirit, whiskey. We figuratively put a part of ourselves into our creation to bring it to life, or inspire it. The spire in the bottle is emblematic of this impartation. “Oak” characterizes the origin of our creation and “Eden” the perfection of it.

Oak & Eden subtly honors The Creator by celebrating creators, those who are so inspired that they willingly endure long-suffering to refine their craft and make something that lasts. “We get it. It’s a struggle, long and arduous. That’s why we share our creation: amazing whiskey, inspired from within by our spire, enabling our in-bottle finishing, defining our flavor and perfecting our creation. It is a suitable reward for anyone who puts whatever is in them, out there” claims Brad Neathery, the company’s Creative Director.

Oak & Eden is proud to curate, and commemorate other makers. “For all the makers, we made this for you”. Stories of craftsmen, artisans, innovators, and explorers can be found at http://www.oakandeden.com/stories

Oak & Eden is available in Bourbon, finished with a Toasted Oak spire and Rye, finished with a Charred Oak spire and can be purchased in many Texas liquor stores. Other innovative expressions will be released later this year, in limited, small batch quantities. “In September, we will be releasing a “Cabernet-Steeped” variety, whereby we rest a French Oak spire in cabernet sauvignon for 6 weeks prior to using it to finish, in-bottle, an American Whiskey”, claims Joe Giildenzopf.

Oak & Eden Handcrafted Whiskey is being distributed by Republic National Distributing Company. The company aspires to grow the distribution of the brand to other states soon.

For more information, view http://www.oakandeden.com.

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Ezra Zion Announces Oak & Eden Whiskey


Ezra Zion is pleased to announce it’s latest company venture: a partnership with Oak & Eden Inspired Whiskey.

Ezra Zion rounds out the ownership team which includes brothers Joe and Jamie Giildenzopf; who serve as CEO and Master Distiller, respectively.

“We’re elated to bring innovative, small-batch, ‘boutique’ whiskeys to our friends in the cigar community.” stated Kyle Hoover, Ezra Zion co-owner. “Everyone knows there’s nothing better than having a great cigar and whiskey. It’s absolute heaven.”

Oak & Eden will be distributed by Republic National Distributing Company, one of the nation’s largest spirit distributors and will soon be available in most liquor stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Texas.

The official product launch will be in April across the State of Texas, and will expand to the rest of country over the course of 2018. Initial launch will be two products: Oak & Eden Bourbon and Oak & Eden Rye.

“We’re excited to introduce Joe to the cigar community. He’s a total genius. Having him at the helm of Oak & Eden is epic. The level of palate sophistication and blending aptitude on this team is legendary!” added Chris Kelly, Ezra Zion co-owner.

Oak & Eden whiskeys are unique. Each is “in-bottle finished” with a patented spire technology allowing for a variety of diverse finishes and revolutionary new small-batch whiskeys.

“We say that the spire is ‘Better than a barrel’ because the surface area ratio of oak wood to liquor is higher with our spire than a barrel. It makes a superior whiskey. It’s an evolution in whiskey making that we’ve perfected and patented.” added Joe Giildenzopf.

Ezra Zion will introduce a line of Oak & Eden whiskey inspired cigars. Each project will be blended as the optimum cigar pairing for each whiskey release.

“No doubt we’re going to be flooded with emails about this. We’d ask each of you to follow @OakAndEden on Instagram and like Oak & Eden on Facebook. We’ll be posting regularly to keep you up to date on everything Oak & Eden.” added Hoover.

(Courtesy of Cigar Federation Press Release)

For more detailed information visit OakAndEden.com