Reserve Cigar Company Especial Toro

Well folks, it’s been quite some time since I have had the opportunity to sit down and do a review but finally that has changed some. The new house is finished, we are moved in and now it’s time to start enjoying life again. Today we revisit a company I reviewed back in Dec. Reserve Cigar Company from Atlanta. Check out the company spotlight and interview I did here on the blog page. This is my second review from this up and coming brand. I was impressed with the first one I tried so let’s see how this one stacks up.

The Especial 6 x 52 Toro is wrapped in a dark brown wrapper with medium veins and tight seams.

Blend is undisclosed other than Sun Grown wrapper and Dominican tobaccos.

The cigar feels firm with no soft spots. The construction looks and feels solid. The dark blue and gold band is simple and elegant but really dresses up the cigar nicely.

Pre-light: This cigar has been in my humidor since Dec. I am picking up notes of straw, barnyard and wood. I used a V-Cut to open this one up. The draw is very nice with slight resistance. I pick up notes of hay, wood and espresso.

1st Third: Very nice profile right off the first draw. Tons of thick smoke and notes of wood, sweet cocoa, and hints of spice. There is a nice, subtle sweetness of cedar wood and cocoa. The draw is perfect and the burn is nice with a slight wave to it. It is a very warm, beautiful suny day with a pretty gusty breeze here in North Carolina today. As I move further into the first third, the blend stays pretty consistent.

2nd Third: As I move into the halfway mark the profile changes slightly to more of an earthy, woodsy blend. I am picking up nice hints of sweet cedar wood, earth and cocoa. There is a very brief touch of bitterness that passes quickly. Not sure what that was but it came and went quickly. As I move further in the profile changes just a bit to more of a floral almost grassy note. The draw and burn are both still very nice. The strength and body is a smooth medium.

Last 3rd: As I move into the last third, the profile stays very consistent. This is a very easy cigar to smoke with a nice flavor profile. It is a nice woodsy, earthy, creamy smoke from start to finish. I decided to pair the final inch or so with a pour of Larceny bourbon. This cigar certainly brings out the sweetness of the bourbon and the bourbon enhances the cedar and wood in the cigar. This pairing works very well together.

Final Thoughts: I am really impressed with this cigar and the brand. Be sure to go back in the blog and check out the company spotlight and interview I did with owner Alexis Webber. This is a great cigar for any time of the day. It is easy and smooth to smoke. It is easy enough for beginner smokers but complex enough for advanced smokers. The profile does not change greatly from start to finish but it varies enough to keep it interesting.

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Until next time, #LongAshesFullGlasses.

The Mova from Reserve Cigar Company

The following review is on the Reserve Mova Cigar done by my friend, SOTL and co-owner of Top Leaf Cigar Lounge here in Wintson Salem, North Carolina. I wanted to get a ladies perspective on this cigar and also to offer readers something different. I hope you enjoy.

First and foremost, I think it necessary to provide a little background on myself. My name is Bethany Miller. I grew up in a small town located in the foothills of North Carolina. The Village of Tobaccoville is home to RJ Reynolds Tobacco company and was in my childhood a place where tobacco was in large abundance. The smell of tobacco is as much of my childhood memory as the smell of my granddads after shave. Being raised in Tobaccoville, I am accustomed to the smell of tobacco growing, the steamy smell after a hard rain on a hot night, being stuck behind a tractor on the way to the warehouse, and have spent many long afternoons riding through fields of sticky leaves. Keeping that in mind, here is my review…

The Reserve Mova is a beautifully constructed Cigar. The wrapper is caramel in color and has a nice uniform feel as well as a velvety smooth wrapper.

Before lighting the Mova I spent quite a long time just smelling this cigar. It smells of earth and molasses. Closing my eyes this cigar flung me back to my childhood and I can picture myself barefooted on my bike riding though my hometown enveloped in the scent of home.

I chose to use a V-Cut (Colibri) and slowly toasted the foot of this cigar. Slowly. I took my time, not allowing the flame to touch the foot, but allowing the heat from the flame to deliciously roast. Scents of nuts began to fill my nostrils. Think roasted peanuts.

The first pull was an explosion of caramel, molasses, nuts, earth, and home. The creaminess is not overbearing but rather a great compliment to the nutty and slightly spicy filler.

As I made my way through the first quarter the ash is holding and the burn is even. No touchups have been necessary. This Cigar is burning like a dream and has me dreaming of my 10-year-old self, wandering through Tobacco barns during summer break. The flavors are mingling together and I’m picking up some notes of cinnamon and toast.

At the half way point I am in heaven. The longer I sit and smoke this Cigar the more I am catapulted back to my childhood. I am in a trance. The creaminess and delicious molasses continue to mingle together and tug at my memory. Never has another Cigar caused me so much emotion. I am literally taken back in time.

Three quarters of the way through and the burn is still even, ash is still solid. I didn’t think that the Mova could get any better but it has. The molasses and nuttiness has intensified. I am back in 1985. I am barefoot on a dirt road, I am walking through row after row of tall tobacco, I am chasing lightning bugs. I don’t want this experience to end.

Finishing up the Mova has been bittersweet. The experience of smoking the Mova has been mind-blowing. The construction is wonderful, the burn was even, the flavors are fantastic. Well Done! To me, this cigar tastes just like home. Bravo!

Thanks to Bethany for contributing to the website. I am sure the Reserve Mova will certainly be a great option for your Ladies of the Leaf nights at Top Leaf Cigar Lounge in the future. Contact Bethany at (336) 893-7307 for all the details!

Until next time, long ashes and full glasses!